Oklahoma linebacker Dominique Alexander talks about making a statement against Texas Tech

Junior talks prepping for Texas Tech and playing with a new-ish starting teammate

You guys have another big-time passing offense to corral, can it be better than Tulsa?

We have a lot of confidence. You come back from a game like we had last weekend at Kansas State, with the corners and the secondary playing the way that they did, you have to have nothing but confidence going into this game. Even though Texas Tech is second-ranked in the country in offense, our DBs played a great game last week and they’ve been playing pretty well all season. They have nothing but confidence going into the game and with confidence, you can play with a lot of passion. You play with confidence, you are going to play good. All long as they have confidence in themselves, us up front are going to do a good job.

How does the defense’s mentality change when see a new face like Will Johnson out there?

It’s a new face to the world, but we’ve been practicing with him since he got back here in the spring. We know what he can do. We were just happy that he was performing the way that he did because we see it all the time in practice.

How has life been with Devante Bond?

I feel like PL did a great job coming in and stepping in for him. When you have a great player like Devante, of course you are going to be missing something. There’s so much that he brings to the table, with the way that he drops into the flats and the way he can come off the edge and do his job in the run game. I feel like PL did a good job coming in for him. We’re happy to have him back this week.

It looks like Frank Shannon is going to get the start next to you, anything different between him and Jordan Evans?

Nothing really. They make the calls and we just have to go play. It’s all the same: Two great players.

How does having Steven Parker, who is pretty good in man coverage, at free safety change things up front?

It helps us be able to bring a lot of pressure. If we didn’t trust the guy who was covering, we would have to drop more people into coverage. Those guys stepping up and locking up the way that they are, it allows us to do a lot more up front so we can bring blitzes that we couldn’t before and things like that. When you have four people that you know can lock up the four receivers, you can do whatever you want as a DC pretty much. Them stepping up has been pretty big for us.

Does the defense feel like it has something to prove against such a prolific offense like Texas Tech?

We have something to prove each and every week, but going out against the second-ranked offense in the country, as a defense, that makes you look forward to right there. Just going in there and play great football and going in there and trying to dominate again and shut it down. That’s something to look forward to as a defensive player.

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