Oklahoma Sooners thrive in matchup with Red Raiders

Sooners Illustrated ranks the 11 best players from OU's victory against Texas Tech.

Each week Sooners Illustrated will rank the top 11 players from Oklahoma's past week’s performance.

Players are assigned a point value equal to the rating given by Bob and Justin. (Top player on either list gets 11 points, 11th player gets 1). That makes for a maximum of 22 points.

Here’s the OU 11 for Game 7:

1. Samaje Perine – (22 points): In a game more reminiscent of last year’s offensive production than this year’s air raid version, Perine earned Big 12 Conference Offensive Player of the Week honors with his 23-carry, 201-yard, four-touchdown performance against Texas Tech. He had room to run all day and made the most of it. It looked like the old PeRhino.

T2. Dakota Austin – (19 points): Surprise Dakota! You have to play with the No. 1 defensive unit against the second-best passing offense in the country. No problem, he’ll just make 11 solo tackles – and not miss one. Austin wasn’t beaten deep for any long passes, either. A really impressive game.

T2. Joe Mixon – (19 points): Before Saturday, Mixon had 233 yards on the ground and two touchdowns through six games. His 154-yard, two-touchdown outburst against Texas Tech, when he averaged 9.6 yards per carry, was better than any other three games combined this season on the ground.

4. Frank Shannon – (12 points): Making his first start in nearly two years, Shannon led Oklahoma with 13 tackles at middle linebacker. Oklahoma leaned on him heavily, even using him occasionally in dime packages. Texas Tech averaged less than 4.5 yards per carry. Shannon helped keep that number low.

5. Eric Striker – (12 points): If Striker was waiting for a masterful play to make his first interception, then he got it Saturday. Striker slowed his rush at the line of scrimmage and popped out of nowhere to pick of what probably would have been a completion. He also had one-and-a-half sacks.

6. Charles Tapper – (10 points): Some of Tapper’s best games go unnoticed because he doesn’t fill up the stat sheet. Saturday was one of his better games. He was disruptive at the point of attack and found himself constantly in passing lanes.

7. Dimitri Flowers – (8 points): Flowers isn’t quite Aaron Ripkowski yet, but with Ripkowski in attendance Saturday, he had one of his better games – earning an unofficial player of the game nod from Bob Stoops. Oklahoma averaged just shy of eight yards per carry.

8. Jordan Thomas – (8 points): With all the chaos at cornerback, Thomas needed to have a solid game at the very least to stabilize half of the unit. He didn’t do very much as Texas Tech attacked the other side of the pass defense, but he made all the plays that he needed to make.

9. Durron Neal – (7 points): It’s official. This isn’t the same Neal that we saw last year. He’s a changed man. He’s challenging the ball at its peak and winning one-on-one battles in the air. He led Oklahoma with five catches for 44 yards and a touchdown.

10. Baker Mayfield – (6 points): Only one player has made the top 11 in every game this season, but this is the lowest Mayfield has even fallen on the list. And it’s not because he had a bad game. Mayfield went 15-for-22 for 212 yards – just a shade under 75 percent and averaging more than 14 yards per completion. He threw one touchdown on the opening drive of the second half.

11. Charles Walker – (4 points): When Walker makes plays, you notice. From a horrible angle, Walker chased down Mahomes for a sacks. He had 1.5 against Texas Tech and has become a talented interior pass rusher for the Sooners.

Honorable mention: Ahmad Thomas, Ty Darlington, Steven Parker

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