Oklahoma Sooners safety Ahmad Thomas chats with the media before KU game

Junior talks his improvement, getting ready for Kansas Jayhawks

Every one has been raving about the communication in the secondary. What is good communication?

Communication in this league is when someone is motion or the back flips. We just have to all be on one accord. I’ve got to tell them where I’m going. If don’t, he’ll be on an island left by himself and not knowing he doesn’t have help. That’s basically what communication is, letting everyone know where you need to be, when something different happens.

Does experience help with communication? 

It’s easier because we don’t have anyone on the field that’s going to panic. That’s what really makes it easy.

Are you guys starting to develop an attitude in the secondary?

Yeah. We started that in the summer, calling ourselves the wolfpack.

Why call yourselves the wolfpack?

A lone wolf is not strong by itself. Strength in a pack is more than just the strength of a wolf. That’s why we really went with it.

Do you feel like you've gotta prove that nickname on the field?

We were working on it. We felt good about it. We stepped on the field and now I feel like we’re showing it.

Does success against Texas Tech help you prove that nickname is deserved?

Every air raid team, we know it’s on us. They just aren’t going to run it down our throat all game. They are going to throw it. We just have to hold our ground on the back end. That’s what it’s all about, just holding our ground – making third-down stops and big plays.

How does slowing down Texas Tech's offense, which is so similar to TCU's attack, affect you guys?

That gives us a lot of confidence, but we’re always working to get better.

When you play a team that is struggling like Kansas, does it change how you grade yourself?

It doesn’t matter who is it, it’s just about us. Doing everything right and preparing. The next game is the most important game because it is the next game. It doesn’t matter who we’re playing. You just have to keep practicing and keep disciplined. At the end of the season, we’re still trying to get to one place.

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