Stoops says Sooners have a long way to go

Excerpts from Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops postgame press conference

Sooner Head Coach Bob Stoops said that the Sooners were not a very good football team right now, despite what is being said about them across the country following the Sooners 37-10 victory over North Texas.

"Right now we are a long way from being a good football team," said Stoops immediately after the game. "Hopefully this week we can make some corrections. Maybe our players will practice and concentrate a little bit harder. Maybe us as coaches, I will take blame, will do a better job of getting them ready and we will see what we can come out a do next week."

Stoops said it wasn't a great win for the Sooners, yet he has not lost perspective that it is a win and the Sooners should be thankfull that they were able to stay undefeated.

The penalities and turnovers disappointed the Sooner head coach very much, but Stoops said that everything is correctable. Stoops said that he has never played or coached in a game where there were so many penalities, mistakes and turnovers. "Obviously we are not good enough or physical enough to play by the rules," said Stoops. "Penalities hurt us all night on both sides of the ball."

I will have more in my Sooner locker room report on Sunday.

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