Oklahoma Sooners receiver Sterling Shepard talks big game and staying focused

Senior shares a little bit of insight before the Sooners' game against Iowa State

You had a big first half against Kansas. Was that by design or just how the Jayhawks were playing?

The plays are designed for everybody to get the ball. It’s just kinda what they did. They showed a look that Baker may have liked, some of the one-on-ones with me. I tried to make his job easy and get open. I guess it was just pretty much what they did, the reason why I got the ball a lot.

Did you lobby to stay in the game since you were playing so well despite the blowout?

I don’t care. I’m gonna play my role. If they pull me out, then I’m out. I don’t lobby to stay in or anything like that.

Does it matter to you that you’re climbing up the career record lists at OU?

No I can’t say that I pay too much attention to that outside stuff. We’re focused on what we have to do and we’re getting better each and every week. I’m not too focused on the individual stuff. That’ll come as long as we execute what we have to do on Saturdays. That’s my big focus. Just getting this team to where it needs to be. I don’t think they’ll matter til I’m done. I don’t know half of the stuff. People bring it up to me. It doesn’t really mean much. I want to have a good season, coming out my senior year. That’s the thing we have to focus on.

When the run game is successful, how does specifically help the receivers?

Guys winning one-on-one. That’s something that we stress every week is that we have to win one-on-one battles and guys have been doing a great job of that. And then also, making competitive catches. Making competitive catches is another thing we stress. If guys keep doing that consistently we’re gonna be alright.

When you have one good day on offense, does that help with the next one?

We’ve been making a big jump each and every week. That’s what we’ve been stressing to the guys. We have to consistently make that jump and in order to do that we have to perform throughout the week, Monday through Friday. Guys have done a great job just investing in the week.

After a shutout win against Texas, does Iowa State have your attention?

Going into this week, we’re definitely looking at them through a microscope. Them beating Texas the way that they did definitely is an eye opener. But we know what they’re capable of. They’ve lost to two top-five teams so we know what they’re capable of. We have to come with our A game.

Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE So that means everyone must be more focused now? 

Yeah I mean, we’re able to focus. We’re taking this thing one game at a time and we’re trying to focus week to week and making that jump. That’s one thing Coach Riley has stressed a lot to us is having that consistency and making that jump throughout the week. . . . I think maybe we jumped a little ahead of ourselves Texas week. Not to go back on that or anything but they’ve told us to focus on the game at hand. That most important game is the next game.

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