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Art Briles on OU-Baylor and 2011's moment

Did Baylor's rise start with the 2011 win vs. OU? Art Briles talks OU-Baylor.

It’s no secret Baylor coach Art Briles rubs people the wrong way. Call him cocky, arrogant, heck, he might be those things. But with the showdown looming against Oklahoma, Briles was much more reserved and respectful.

Here’s a look at some of the things Briles said when addressing the media earlier this week.

The Sooners, in a way, have put Baylor on the road to its recent success. It all dates back to 2011 when Baylor had never defeated the Sooners. One dramatic victory was the catalyst to bigger and better things in Waco.

"It was gigantic,” Briles said. “You're talking about a team that had not only dominated Baylor, but had certainly dominated the Big 12 for the previous decade, from 2000-2010. I mean, they were the standard at that time, so for us to be able to pull that off on that night, that was gigantic.

“It was the first time in the history of the University that had ever happened. I'm thinking of a way for it to be bigger, but that hasn't happened. Since that time, it's allowed us to equalize not only on the football field, but also on a national perception in the recruiting world, which is what it’s all about – recruiting world, then national perception."

It’s hard to know for sure exactly what this matchup Saturday in Waco is going to mean. Will it be one of those games talked about for years to come? Or will it just be a blip memory down the road and fun for this week?

The roles haven’t been reversed. It would be going a bit too far to say that. It’s not like OU is trying to play spoiler in this one as the Sooners have a lot to play for as well Saturday in Waco.

But for Briles, another win against OU you would figure is going to do a world of good in terms of perception of the program.

"They're good; they're always good,” he said. “If they want to talk tradition, they can talk tradition about as well as anyone in the United States over a 50-year period. That's not going to change, and it hasn't changed. It's our job to change it.

“We have to make them uneasy, we have to do what we do and do it better than what they do. They have good people, they have good schemes, they have good coaches, and they have good tradition. But so do we. So what you have are two really good football teams playing each other."

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