Oklahoma Sooners redshirt freshman Orlando Brown talks about his challenge

Brown set for three-game stretch against elite competition

What’s the mentality like going into this weekend big game against Baylor?

We’re definitely focused on preparation, right now. We’re taking it one week at a time, focusing on their defensive front and their whole defense period, just getting better this week.

 What do you think of the Bears’ defensive linemen?

I definitely think they’re a talented group, one of the best we’re gonna see probably in my college career. They’ve got a couple big names up there. It’s a challenge we’re looking forward to.

Are you looking forward to a matchup with Baylor defensive end Shawn Oakman?

That’s always something to look forward to. Any challenge whether it be from Tennessee or whoever we’re playing, I always look forward to the challenge. I’m definitely excited for it.

 Is he just an overpowering guy or can he do other things?

No, I definitely think he’s a power player. That’s what he’s pretty good at. He uses his size, his hands, his arm length well. I’m pretty sure he’s gonna press me like he does everyone else. He’s a power guy.

You’re 6-foot-7, have you ever played against another player your size?

Maybe if it’s Dwayne Orso. Other than that, it’s a lot different. It’s different when it comes to leverage. I’m sure it’s going to be a lot easier playing a guy closer to my height than a guy who’s 6-3 or 6-4.

Oakman is just the start of your test. Are you ready for the challenge of TCU and OSU as well?

It’s something I look forward to. That’s why I’m here at the University of Oklahoma, for games like this. To come out and play the best I can and dominate my opponent no matter who it is. I’m looking forward to the next three weeks. I’m really excited about it.

Are you better prepared for this now than earlier this year?

Looking back four weeks ago, I’m pretty sure I would have had the same mindset I have now. I’m pretty sure I would have been prepared for it.

How have you improved your technique in the last month?

It’s taking each rep, doing 110 percent every step in practice every chance I get. Coach B always preaches the mental reps are most important, so I get a lot of mental reps throughout the day whether at practice or home. That’s the biggest thing. I’m focusing on taking those mental reps. That allows me to play faster and play harder.

The running game has improved lately, are you more in-sync as a unit?

It’s probably just a mentality thing. We’re more focused. I also feel we’re more developed physically, mentally also. We’re taking it a play at a time, a day at a time. I would definitely say it’s our mentality.

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