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Sooners Illustrated takes a quick look at Oklahoma's key players

7-footer looks poised to make a major impact, if he can get and stay healthy

Two weeks from the start of the regular season against Memphis, and Sooners Illustrated is set to breakdown the 11 scholarship players on the Oklahoma Sooners’ roster.

We’ll look at importance for this year’s team, a quick recap of last season and a project final stat line.

No. 30 Akolda Manyang (7-foot, 243 pounds)

9 points per game, 7.1 rebounds per game, 2.1 blocks per game, played less than a half per game*

What happened last year: Manyang shined in a heavy rotation at Indian Hills Community College but missed the latter half of the year when he took a leave of absence from the program.

Level of importance for Oklahoma (1-10): 5. If Manyang was going to be the starter – as seemed to be the plan – then his importance would have been far higher. For right now though, it’s uncertain when Manyang will play – or how much he will play when he does.

Just with his size Manyang can make a difference on the defensive end. Offensively, there are question marks. He will be limited within the offense because of lack of playing time and project-laden offensive skills that haven’t been improved upon because of injury.

Although, Manyang was a full participant in Monday's practice. It seems as though he might be on track for a return before the Sooners battle Villanova in Hawaii.

Projected stat line: 1.5 points per game, 2 rebounds per game, 1 block per game, 6 minutes per game

Although more than any other player, this projection is up in the air. If Manyang comes back healthy and shows some fire, he could step into the starting lineup by the time Big 12 Conference play rolls around.

Manyang could also be on the back end of the bench if his foot never heals.

His goals, his words: “Honestly, the first thing I’m worried about right now is getting back healthy. I’m just trying to be 100 percent. If I’m not 100, I can’t be a factor to my team.”

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