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OU's Austin Seibert still rolling

OU freshman Austin Seibert continues to fare well for Sooners.

He has missed some kicks at this point, but Oklahoma freshman Austin Seibert continues to handle both the field goal kicking and punting duties and continues to do them well.

Seibert is now 13-of-16 when it comes to field goals, but as a punter, he hasn’t let up one bit in averaging 43.3 yards per boot with only two touchbacks and a staggering seven punt return yards allowed all season.

Good news for OU fans, too, he’s still fresh.

“No, been doing a pretty job of maintaining my leg in practice with the amount of reps I’m taking,” Seibert said. “I’ve been getting treatment every day to make sure leg stays fresh, stays healthy.”

Seibert admitted around the time of the Kansas game that his leg was starting to get fatigued. It’s not a coincidence, then, as to that time period being when Seibert was starting to be a little off on his field goals.

Seibert went three straight games with a missed field goal but the odd thing about it was all of them were from less than 40 yards. Seibert was pure on his only attempt at Baylor last week.

Even if not all the field goals have been true, nobody can take away or understate what a weapon Seibert has been as a punter this season.

“Done that most of my whole life,” Seibert said. “You can’t dwell on a bad kick or bad punt. You can’t dwell on it, just have to let it go. If you have a bad kick, you gotta focus on punting because you might be asked to do that. You just have to let it go.”

That’s exactly what Seibert has done. He said his focus is on the next kick, not on the previous one. The only difference he has noticed since high school is how he has to be on the mark each time he takes the field in college. It’s a bigger spotlight, but it’s one he welcomes.

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