Oklahoma Sooners cornerback Jordan Thomas breaks down his recent success

After facing one elite receiver, Jordan Thomas talks about how he has to be ready for another.

You were able to shut down Corey Coleman. How’d you do it?

Honestly just trusting my teammates. We worked all week. We had one of our fastest guys pretend to be Coleman, but you know, that’s kinda hard to do. He’s one of the best receivers in the nation at this point. I had to trust my over the top help from Ahmad Thomas and Steven Parker as well as my underneath help from D-Bond and Eric Striker. Seeing them get out there early in the game and knowing they would be there to assist me in any kind of quick game and whatnot, it made me play that much more aggressive and made me that much more confident in my play.

Did your success make you want to shut down another big-time receiver?

Oh yeah. Of course. Obviously he was in the Heisman race, so going out and doing what I could against him makes me curious as to what else I’m capable of as a player. Not only myself, but us as a defense entirely, we held them to 250 or so passing yards. I’m just curious to see what we’ll do against TCU and Oklahoma State and whoever else after that.

Did you need a game like Baylor to see what you are capable of, individually and as a team?

Yes and no. Obviously that’s huge for us, just for our confidence level as well as to, how do you say it, hush the haters without saying haters. It’s just a statement game for us. We know what we’re capable of and at the same time, everyone else has doubted us. Obviously, our performance last year wasn’t stellar by no means. Games like that just put all that away.

Could you have had the success you did against Baylor without the offense’s success?

It would be possible, but I feel like it would be a lot harder. Obviously when you have that spark from the offense and Baker Mayfield being the leader that he is and coming off a long drive or whatever and he’s fired up, that gets us that much more fired up to play, not only for him but for our entire defense and our entire offense and our coaching staff. Having an electric offense like the offense that we do, it makes it that much easier for us to go out and make stops because it’s like, OK, maybe if we do slip up here and make a mistake we have an offense that’s gonna bail us out.

Samaje Perine is running really well now. How much has that helped you on defense?

It’s helped a lot because obviously when you run the ball the clock keeps running. When time of possession is hugely in favor of us that makes the balls in the other offense’s hands that much shorter, so it’s like they have that much less time to make plays or even run plays. Samaje’s a great player. I don’t need to tell you guys that, but it’s been huge for us.

TCU is really banged up. How do you approach this game?

We don’t approach it any less or any different than any other game. Big 12’s a weird conference. You see the teams that you’d think are out of it come in and play close to teams that are supposed to be playoff contenders. We never take anyone for granted. We never listen to the, ‘Oh, he’s injured here, or this, that and the other.’ That’s just all on paper. We play for X’s and O’s, not names. They’re coming come out and play their best game no matter what. We started the playoffs last week. It’s a race to the end, to big games.

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