Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield moves on from injury

With the injury behind him, Mayfield talks about the offense, preparing for Oklahoma State and the Heisman hype.

Were you at all worried about the offense against TCU after your injury?

No. We still rushed for over 300 yards. That’s a pretty good day against not a shabby defense at all. We were able to run the ball, which is huge. We need to carry that into this week. Offensively, pass game even when I was in wasn’t as good as it neeed to be. I think I was below 50 percent passing. That’s way below my standard. When Trevor was in it was about the same. We’ll get better. Receivers and quarterbacks need to take that personally this week and go out and practice and execute.

What do you think of Oklahoma State’s defense?

They’re talented. It’s a solid group. They’re a one-loss team that’s been playing well. And they play very well at home. We’ve got to be keyed into that. We need to start fast. Up front they have Ogbah. That’s their go-to guy. He’s a great pass rusher. But I believe in our guys too. It’s not something I haven’t seen before. We go up against our guys every day in practice. We’ll be prepared going into it. They’re a talented team, just like any other Big 12 team we’ve played so far.

Does Oklahoma State defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah have your attention?

You’ve gotta game plan for guys like that, because those are game-changers. There’s stuff here or there you can do where you can send a running back to chip-block or slide a protection this way and try to eliminate when they can change the game. And be keyed in on big down situations like third-and-long where they know they’re gonna go to him to make a play. You have to be keyed in for a player like that.

 Are you as hyped for Bedlam as you were for the Baylor game?

Yeah. I said it earlier this year, our last three games are our most important. Not just because it’s the Big 12 championship but because last year they beat us pretty good, all three of them did. They came into our house last year and beat us, so this year we’ve got to be keyed in and not let it slip away. We’ve got to realize our goal is right there. We’ll be focused in on that and getting our goal.

Have you been enjoying the Heisman buzz?

It’s fun to see, especially because of everyone supporting me. People are trying to blow it up just because they love it. I enjoy it just because I helped the team out and put them in a situation to be in a playoff spot. Whenever you’re in that spot the quarterback is going to get recognition. So I’m happy with that. As a little kid you look at the Heisman winners and watch the ceremony on TV. It’s like a dream. If I’m able to go to New York City that would be pretty cool. If not, I’ll be focusing on the playoff spot.

What do you think about the couple Fake Twitter accounts in your name?

That’s a little creepy. I think I’ve had one or two questions a day thanking me for following them on Twitter, thinking I’m following back. I have to break it to them that I don’t have a Twitter account. It’s a little different.

Is it weird for this game since you and Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph are pretty close?

No. It’s a familiar face across the ball. It’s always fun to play against guys you know. You see that nowadays with recruiting, you meet so many people throughout the process and you play them over the years. You get familiar with them. When it comes down to it, it’s a game. We’re trying to beat them and we’re trying to do the same. After the game I’m sure we’ll talk and be friends again. But for now we’re preparing to win.

Have you seen much of Oklahoma State?

I’ve had a couple opportunities. For our night games they’ve kind of gotten lucky and they’ve had the 2:30. We’ve caught a little bit of it. He’s playing really good right now. They’re going out and they’re executing and they’re winning. The last week, they struggled a little running the ball. You’ve got to establish the run up front. When a team shuts down the run like Baylor did to OSU, they’re able to key in on the passing game. That’s where you’ve seen struggles a little bit. But other than that, they’ve played lights out the whole year.

Your girlfriend goes to Stillwater. Do you get up there much?

I’ve gone up there maybe twice or three times this year. Just to go see my girlfriend. I’ll see the guys then.

What kind of reactions do you get?

They do a double take as in ’why are you here/get out of my town’ kind of thing. It’s different but it’s fun.

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