Ty Darlington, Eric Striker lead Oklahoma Sooners back to Florida

Two of OU's senior captains could play their final game in their home state.

For two of Oklahoma's senior captains, their next game – and possibly their last game – will be in their home state. Before the New Years Eve Orange Bowl in Miami against Clemson, Ty Darlington and Eric Striker will have played only one game in Florida.

Last year’s Russell Athletic Bowl didn’t exactly put the Sooners’ best foot forward and probably didn’t look very good for Darlington and Striker.

They’ll get a second chance in about three weeks.

Despite growing up in Orlando, Darlington has never played in Miami. But growing up in Orlando, he knows the impact of the weather on the game.

“I've never played in Miami,” Darlington said. “I've obviously been to Miami and all that. . . . Miami is humid though. That actually is, it takes an effect on your body.

For Striker, who went to high school in a suburb of Tampa, is ready for the Florida winters of his childhood.

“Me personally, I love it,” Striker said. “It’s warm in the winter there. You can really walk around with a tank top in December in Miami. Family’s close. The weather is gonna be nice. Nice, beautiful Miami. So I’m looking forward to it and being around my family. It’s gonna a warm game in December. I’m excited about that part of it.”

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