Top five Baker Mayfield moments

Baker Mayfield wasn't invited to the Heisman, but he had the moments that deserved a trip to NYC.

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield didn’t make the cut for the trip to New York City this weekend for the Heisman Trophy ceremony, but he certainly had some Heisman moments.

Sooners Illustrated reflects back on Mayfield’s stunning season, counting down the top five moments in a memorable year for the former walk-on.

No. 5: Mayfield calls his own number vs. Tennessee

A great indicator early in the season that Mayfield was simply never going to back down no matter what the circumstances were. It was foreshadowing, also, of how Mayfield was always going to be able to deliver in the clutch.

OU had already rallied from a 17-0 deficit against Tennessee but was down once again 24-17 in overtime against the Vols and faced fourth-and-goal at the one yard line.

Mayfield knew where he was going to go with the ball, and with a major assist from Samaje Perine, the Sooners had tied it up once again.

Perine, though not called in the play, came back to block for Mayfield to allow Mayfield to fall into the end zone. His message after? To shh the Vol crowd.

No. 4: Razzle dazzle to Andrews

Hindsight has not been kind to this play just because of the fact there weren’t major stakes to this one in OU’s 52-38 win against Tulsa.

Still, it’s one heck of a play that sort of needs to be seen to be believed. OU held a 38-31 lead late in the fourth quarter and faced a second-and-eight at the Tulsa 17 yard line.

Mayfield rolled out to his left but couldn’t find anybody. Then it looked like he was going to tuck it and run. But he backed up, straightened himself out enough to be able to fling it to Mark Andrews. The OU tight end caught it, turned around and headed up field for the touchdown.

It was the signature play of a signature day for Mayfield, who accounted for six touchdowns and broke the all-time total yardage record in a game at OU.

No. 3: Mayfield finds Shepard in Knoxville

You could argue both touchdown passes to Sterling Shepard in the fourth quarter and overtime against Tennessee deserve inclusion. And while Shepard’s inadvertent Superman pose to score the game-winner in double overtime was nice, doesn’t happen without what they did in the final minute of the fourth quarter.

The Sooners trailed 17-10 with 45 seconds left and faced a third-and-goal from the five yard line.

To that point of the season, Shepard hadn’t been the factor most thought he would be. This moment woke up Shepard and also was one heck of a throw by Mayfield.

It was nothing fancy, simple fade route to the back corner of the end zone. Well-placed by Mayfield, major big-time grab by Shepard and it was game on in Knoxville.

No. 2: Mayfield delivers the blow

When you talk Mayfield, so many times his teammates refer to him as a football player. He’s a quarterback by trade but football player at heart.

That was on display in the final game of the season at Oklahoma State in Bedlam. Mayfield suffered a concussion the week before so everybody was wondering what kind of attitude you would see from him.

What they saw was Mayfield doing what he does, punctuated not by a pass, not by a run but by a block to spring a touchdown.

OU was up 14-10 early in the second quarter when running back Joe Mixon was given his first carry of the game. He went left but nothing was there. He switched field to the right but needed a block from Mayfield to open up the hole.

He got that and then some as Mayfield had no problem taking out the defender and then no problem tracking down Mixon to join him in the end zone on a 66-yard run.

No. 1: Mayfield, Flowers, Baylor – enough said

This is it. This is the Heisman moment despite what the voters said. OU was up 37-34 with under five minutes left in the fourth quarter at undefeated Baylor.

The Sooners faced a third-and-goal at the seven yard line. How good is this play? It took 11 seconds and epitomized who Mayfield is as a player. The block at OSU showed his mentality, this showed his ability.

Mayfield scrambled and scrambled, keeping the play alive. Fullback Dimitri Flowers, not even supposed to be out on a passing route, decided to give it a whirl.

Mayfield eventually got enough separation to zing the ball to Flowers in a crowd of defenders for the game’s pivotal score.

It was arguably the biggest win of the season for the Sooners, and it was definitely the best play of the season when it comes to an incredible season for Mayfield.

In their words: Eric Striker

“You think of quarterbacks being so uptight, like leader-type guy. But no, he’s a ballplayer, like a 12-year-old kid out there having fun with everybody. To see that from a quarterback, from the position that’s so uptight where you control the game so much, that gives a good feeling to the team. His pregame speeches, just being at practice with him, you feel his presence and you get excited about being around him.”

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