Where Sooners fall in recruiting compared to other CFP teams

A breakdown of the recruiting rankings of the team in the college football playoff

Four teams are still alive in the college football playoff with No. 1 Clemson taking on No. 4 Oklahoma and No. 2 Alabama squaring off vs. No. 3 Michigan State.

All four schools are still building their 2016 recruiting class, but a reflection on the classes that were and the ones who helped guide these teams to the promised land.

Going to look at 2011-15 classes, and from OU’s point of view, look at the top-ranked recruit coming out of high school compared to the most productive recruit from the class.


Alabama No. 7

Clemson No. 12

OU No. 15

Michigan State No. 27

OU’s top-ranked recruit: RB Brandon Williams, No. 16 Scout 100.

OU’s most productive recruit: Nila Kasitati, No. 38 TE. The fall of the 2011 class has been documented time and time again for OU, and Kasitati is among the last men standing. Regarded as a tight end coming out of high school, obviously he found a home in the offensive line. Kasitati has been in a starting position for the better part of his last three years as a Sooner and earned the right to be called a team captain.


Alabama No. 2

OU No. 10

Clemson No. 17

Michigan State No. 37

OU’s top-ranked recruit: 5-star WR Trey Metoyer

OU’s most productive recruit: This is very tricky. Based on rankings and production, it’s Sterling Shepard, who was ranked No. 161 in the Scout 300. Based on value, though, there are a number of choices from Charles Tapper (No. 35 DE), Eric Striker (No. 61 OLB) and Zack Sanchez (No. 55 safety). The leaders of the 2015 team have come from this class. Not everybody has been a hit, but it’s their character off the field that might leave an even bigger impression than what they’re doing on the field.


Alabama No. 4

Clemson No. 12

OU No. 15

Michigan State No. 47

OU’s top-ranked recruit: RB Keith Ford, No. 22 Scout 100

OU’s most productive recruit: Still to be determined, but you have to love what Jordan Evans and Dominique Alexander have been able to do. Neither one was regarded as a major get for the Sooners on the trail. Scout actually had Evans ranked pretty high at No. 45 OLB, but also called Alexander the No. 88 safety in the class. The two have been the cornerstones of the OU linebacking corps, anchoring the middle of the defense for the last two seasons and will no doubt be in that role one more time next season as well.


Alabama No. 1

OU No. 13

Michigan State No. 19

Clemson No. 28

OU’s top-ranked recruit: RB Joe Mixon, No. 18 Scout 100

OU’s most productive recruit: Not even close to fair to label one ahead of the other. But guys to be on the watch for include Mixon, running back Samaje Perine, safety Steven Parker, cornerback Jordan Thomas and offensive tackle Orlando Brown. This class was an incredible job done by the OU coaching staff in the final two months to keep rising up the ranks and ending up as the best class in the Big 12 conference.


Alabama No. 2 (3.2)

OU No. 14 (13.4) (No. 25 Ricky DeBerry; No. 136 Dru Samia)

Clemson No. 15 (16.4)

Michigan State No. 18 (29.6)

OU’s top-ranked recruit: OLB Ricky DeBerry, No. 25

OU’s most productive recruit: Based on this year alone, it has to be offensive tackle Dru Samia, who has grown into a more than serviceable starter as a true freshman. Scout liked Samia a lot, ranking him No. 136 in the Scout 300, but he has played perhaps even beyond that level this season. A lot of guys can make an impact going forward, including several who were redshirted.

2011-2015 average

Alabama – 3.2

OU – 13.4

Clemson – 16.4

Michigan State – 29.6


Alabama No. 2

Michigan State No. 8

Clemson No. 26

OU No. 33

OU’s highest-ranked recruit: CB Jordan Parker, No. 125

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