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Last Intel of 2015, catching up on OU news and notes from the recruiting trail

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Moore gets it straight from Stoops’ mouth

Oklahoma has finally made that big impression on OKC John Marshall offensive tackle Tramonda Moore. It took more than six months, but it finally occurred last weekend on his official visit.

Moore, ranked No. 1 in the state and No. 147 in the Scout 300, seems to be teetering back and forth between OU and Oklahoma State in what is a pure Bedlam battle if ever there has been one in recent years.

He’s had some great experiences in Stillwater, and Norman delivered last weekend. A lot of that can be attributed to head coach Bob Stoops.

Moore’s not an idiot. He sees the depth chart. He sees what OU has at tackle right now with a true freshman and a redshirt freshman starting in those spots. Competition isn’t something Moore is afraid of, but reality is something else.

Stoops set the record straight.

“When it was during the summer, it was a camp and couldn’t talk,” Moore said. “Then the other time he was game planning for the game so couldn’t talk. But I’ve always liked and respected Coach Stoops. I talked to him about the depth of the position.

“Honestly, that’s the one thing that was keeping me away from OU. He gave it to me straight. He said they wouldn’t be showing so much interest or ask me to visit if they didn’t really want me. To hear that from Coach Stoops was really cool.”

At OU under Stoops, especially, it’s not about rebuilding. The Sooners reload and that element was made crystal clear to Moore as well.

“He was saying players are going to graduate or enter the draft, and then the next guys got to be ready to step up and show out,” Moore said.

Moore’s next step is to the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio. A visit to Stillwater is likely for Jan. 15 and then that could do it in terms of his decision. Tentative plans are for trips to Alabama (Jan. 22) and Miami (Jan. 29), but everybody around Moore believes it’s OU or OSU.

With both official visits being in the books by mid-January, no guarantee Moore waits until national signing day to make his choice. OU knocked his socks off last weekend and has him feeling the crimson and cream. Now we’ll see what the Cowboys can do next month.

Daniels moment has arrived

It’s finally here as it appears first-year defensive line coach Diron Reynolds is about to land that first commit with Euless (Texas) Trinity defensive tackle Chris Daniels.

Daniels, a four-star prospect ranked in the Scout 150, is expected to announce 6 p.m. CST Friday as Friday is also his birthday.

The big competition seems to be coming from Michigan, but it sure seems like a shoo-in that the Sooners are going to earn their highest-ranked commitment of the cycle up until this point later in the evening.

Texas made a strange 11th hour offer to Daniels on Thursday afternoon, but incredibly difficult to seeing that factoring into anything at all at this juncture.

Daniels and his family made two unofficial visits during the winter and spring and then came back for an official visit last month that seemed to pretty much seal the deal for OU.

Wide receiver – buckle up

Going to end by talking all about wide receiver and what the Sooners are going to do from this point at that position.

The week started with what looked like a slam dunk commitment from Velus Jones. The three-star receiver looked like he was going to flip from USC to OU on Tuesday afternoon.

His high school coach let the world know Tuesday morning that Jones was not ready to make that call. There are a couple of elements in play here. One is Tennessee as the Vols had an outstanding visit with Jones. The other is Tee Martin, who recruited Jones to USC.

The issue here is whether or not Martin sticks with the Trojans after everything that has happened. Jones never did make a trip to Cali to check out USC and still not sure if that’s exactly why he’s waiting as he has chosen to do.

The Sooners seemed to be in the driver’s seat and really no legit reason to think they’re still not as of this moment. But you know OU cannot and will not sit around forever waiting to see what Jones is going to decide to do. OU has to move forward.

Also had the issue with Ryan Parker come up this week. Part of this is just based on Parker not really being as vocal about everything. He always talked about being a mid-year enrollee for OU, but it’s obvious now that was never going to happen.

The cause for concern going forward is whether or not he’s going to get everything in order academically to be able to qualify in May/June. There’s no doubt he’s going to sign in February, but he has to put in the work in the classroom first.

That uneasy feeling for OU is one reason why the Sooners offered juco receiver Javon Wims, ranked No. 11 in the Scout Juco 100. Committed to Georgia, Wims is also somebody who isn’t going to be a mid-year enrollee. He is a two-for-two guy so he knows he needs to make a big impact.

But then the plot thickened even more Wednesday and Thursday as Houston Langham Creek wide receiver Quartney Davis, ranked in the Scout 100, decommitted from Texas A&M following all the turmoil with the Aggies lately.

Davis has been pursued by Oklahoma State and UCLA with most predicting the Cowboys to get the nod in the end. OU is making its case now, though. The Sooners have reached out to Davis, and he’s going to make a trip to Norman on Jan. 22 for his official visit.

Houston area native Du’Vonta Lampkin, now a redshirt freshman for the Sooners, said flat out he’s going to make sure Davis is going to be a Sooner.

The emergence of Davis might put a damper on a couple of guys. It’s possible OU would return to recruiting Audie Omotosho, but it just feels like it would be a worthless cause after the Sooners stopped in the fall.

The other name to watch is one talked about for a long time in Southlake Carroll’s Zach Farrar. He’s actually ranked significantly higher than Jones but doesn’t appear to have that top-end speed.

Farrar visited OU for junior day but things heated back up in the last week. Farrar said pretty bluntly that OU views him as a backup option. The Sooners coaches let him know if they can’t hit it big with a couple of their targets (namely Velus Jones), then OU was going to work its way back to Farrar.

He has a pretty good list of offers to begin with, but Farrar seemed pretty open to the idea. Now with Davis entering the fray, it could delay things even more.

Remember the Sooners seemingly slow played A.D. Miller and Dahu Green for months and months before making a charge in the final month before signing day. Don’t be surprised if it happens again with Farrar if Jones and Davis pursue other options.

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