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One of the key moments for Sooners was the airport delay before KSU

Bob Stoops said one of the biggest turning points in the season was the airport delay before OU's game vs. KSU.

This season has all been about the Oklahoma players getting to know each other in ways they never thought possible. It started in the spring with the reaction and unity following the SAE incident with the racial video chant that went viral.

It continued in the summer and in the season with a much smaller locker room so everybody sort of had to get to know each other because they weren’t spread out.

And it happened on the road, too. When head coach Bob Stoops was talking about a turning point to the season, he didn’t mention the loss to Texas. No, he talked about the eight-hour delay in Oklahoma City in looking to fly into Kansas and take on Kansas State.

“Honestly, that little FBO (Fixed Base Operator), everybody was squeezed together,” Stoops said. “We laughed about bringing in a hodgepodge of fast food. Everybody got enough to eat.

“If you walk in your hotel room about 12:30 in the morning the night before a game, you’ve got a lot reasons not to play well, but we came out and played one of our best games. I think that was just the players’ mindset. Nothing is going to derail us from playing well. It kind of kept going.”

Stranded for eight hours, you begin to wonder if you’re ever going to eat so that’s when Stoops made one of the most popular decisions of the year for his players. It was time for fast food.

 “It got to where it was 8 o’clock. Our kids hadn’t eaten,” said Stoops back in October. “I asked our doctors or whoever had a car to just go out and go to any fast food chain you can … try and get 10 burgers, 10 tacos, 10 whatever. If we had 10 people go out and get 10 whatever, we’d feed our players. That’s exactly what we did.”

The Sooners responded on the field with a dominating 55-0 win in Manhattan, the first of OU’s seven-game winning streak that now has the Sooners in the college football playoff and taking on No. 1-ranked Clemson in the Capital One Orange Bowl on Dec. 31.

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