Q&A with Rhett Bomar

Rhett Bomar made a surprise commitment last night while in Los Angeles for the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp. In an exclusive OU Insider interview, he tells how it happened and how he made a dream come true, both for himself and a million Sooner fans.

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Note: Ever since we got the call last night, OU Insider has been trying to prepare for this story. In our opinion, Rhett is the biggest catch for the program since Marcus Dupree. James took off for Dallas at first light this morning to catch the Bomars' coming in from LA. Lucky for us he didn't have to wait until 9PM this evening, as both agreed to talk to OU Insider before boarding the flight home. Please folks, this stays HERE on this board. Anyone taking this to another board, or site, will have membership priviledges revoked.

James Hale: Rhett, congratulations. Going into the week did you have an idea that you'd come out to LA, go to Elite 11 and then commit?

Rhett Bomar: No, not at all. It was totally unexpected.

James Hale: Why Oklahoma?

Rhett Bomar: Last night I just felt right in my heart that Oklahoma was ‘my school'. I really can't explain it outside of that everything just felt real comfortable when I told myself that I was going to Oklahoma. As I've told you before James, my choice would be where I felt the most comfortable. I just like those coaches so much, I just wanted to go ahead and do it.

James Hale: What happened last night to trigger the decision?

Rhett Bomar: Last night after the camp, all the quarterbacks and their parents went to Champs. They had a huge selection of college caps. Kirby (Freeman, Miami), had his video camera and told us to go grab the hat of their future college, or where they thought they wanted to go, and he'd video tape each of us taking about our futures.

During the camp Drew Weatherford and I had become really close friends. So we both went off and picked up our top three. Both of us then went over to a corner and talked about how cool it would be if this was really 'it', for real.  Then we got serious and both of us admitted that we knew where we wanted to go already. When we both turned around with FSU and OU on everyone started hollering and cheering, it think everyone was shocked that we'd made up our minds.

James Hale: You both really committed, to yourselves anyway, at that moment?

Rhett Bomar: Yes, when we talked we discovered that both of us were already pulling for those two schools and thinking about what it would be like to be playing at each place.

James Hale: Well can you tell us more about what factored into your decision, why Oklahoma?

Rhett Bomar: Oklahoma. Wow, it's just awesome! The main reason was the coaches. I just love coach Venables and coach Stoops, both are really neat guys. I like the way the entire staff coaches, very aggressive, determined. Coach Long is a great quarterback coach, and a real nice guy. He understands what it takes to be the very best.

James Hale: So the coaches were the deciding factor?

Rhett Bomar: All the schools had great coaches. I just felt better about OU's.

James Hale: Have you called the others yet?

Rhett Bomar: No I was going to, but I really haven't had time. It will be the first thing I do tonight when we get to Dallas, probably around 10PM.

James Hale: Do you have any idea how happy OU fans are to hear about your commitment?

Rhett Bomar: Well my girlfriend told me that the fans were all going nuts on OU Insider and that makes me feel both happy and excited. I hope I can make them proud of me.

James Hale: What's next for Rhett Bomar?

Rhett Bomar: Well, I'll be pretty busy calling all the top recruits in the country!

Note: At this time James asked to speak with Coach Jerry Bomar, who was out in LA with Rhett at the Elite 11 Camp.

James Hale: Wow coach, this was a surprise. Now that's it's over what are the first things that pop into your mind?

Jerry Bomar: Several things. But I think back to two summers ago, Rhett was going to be a sophomore but had played well as a freshman and we were up at a baseball tournament in the Norman area. So I think, 'why not?,' and take a copy of a highlight tape of Rhetts' to the coach's office at OU. There was no one there, so I just scribbled out a note with my name and phone number on it, I think it just said; ‘What do you think?' on it.

But thinking back, I guess at the time, I was trying to steer Rhett to OU, but I just wanted to see Rhett play for this great group of coaches – only then it was just a dream.

James Hale: Why did you feel OU might be a good place for Rhett?

Jerry Bomar: It's the way coach Stoops and the staff coaches, that was, by far, the biggest reason for me. There's so much intensity, and at the same time a great love for the game and the players. That's how we try to coach, and I found someone that mirrors my thoughts and style.

James Hale: They do seem to have a similar style.

Jerry Bomar: Yes, and they run the same offense as we do with the shotgun, one back - two back, three wide, double tights, and how they want to use the quarterback in the run game. They've not really had a chance to do it yet as there's never been the perfect fit at quarterback.

James Hale: What are some of the intangibles at Oklahoma?

Jerry Bomar: Well football's important to OU. They have great fans, they have great passion and really care about football there.

James Hale: Did Rhett's decision take you by surprise?

Jerry Bomar: There must have been 500 people in Champs, and the kids were off by themselves, so we really didn't know what all the fuss was about. When we were leaving the store Rhett told me what happened and what he did, I almost ran off the road!

James Hale: Did you have any idea that he was going to go to LA, attend the Elite 11 and commit?

Jerry Bomar: I didn't have any idea. Rhett doesn't like to talk about recruiting very much. So we really never sat around and discussed it a lot. Drew (Weatherford, FSU), and Rhett had become very close during the camp and I think that when they had a chance to talk about their hopes and their dreams everything just fell into place for Rhett. I can't tell you what a magic moment that was at Champs. It was like a total dream with all the people cheering, something that we could have never staged.

James Hale: Today was the final day of Elite 11. How'd he do in you opinion?

Jerry Bomar: Well I can tell you today he had more energy, more bounce in his step than he has had all summer. He had a phenomenal day. I think the pressure is off of him now. He had his best day yet throwing the ball. He won three awards at the camp" Best Feet; Best Accuracy; (won last year by incoming Freshman Tommy Grady); and "The QB Most likely to succeed in College."

James Hale: Do you feel like it's over now and you can just go back to Grand Prairie and concentrate on your team, and openly cheer for OU without people making a big deal of it?

Jerry Bomar: This takes a ton of pressure off – both of us. He can go and have a great senior year, he'll be much happier now.

James hale: How hard will it be to call the other coaches tonight?

Jerry Bomar: Very hard. We've developed a lot of friendships and we respect all the coaches that have recruited Rhett. But this goes with the territory, it's a business and it's something they've gone through many times before.

(Note: Well not exactly Coach Bomar - losing Rhett is not like losing your average Joe. We have a feeling that quite a few coaches will be up all night tonight. This news won't have the same effect as taking Nyquil tonight at 10PM.   Alan Hitchcock, Thayer Evans, Greg Biggins and Joe Wallace all contributed to this and other stories relating to the Bomar commitment today).

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