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Sooner mailbag: DB done for OU?

Mailbag addresses the latest shakeups in OU recruiting.

Happy holidays to you and yours as we return for a special holiday edition of the Oklahoma recruiting mailbag. What makes it a holiday one? Good question but let’s get started anyway.

Is there room for Baylen Buchanan for the Sooners in their 2016 class?

The answer, as of Dec. 23, is a flat out no. There simply isn’t. In talking with sources, the numbers simply do not compute for OU to be able to take Suwanee (Ga.) Peachtree Ridge cornerback Baylen Buchanan as part of this class.

A lot of people have pointed out the defection of Marcus Green as a reason for why this should be possible. The truth of the matter is Green opened the door for Buchanan or Parnell Motley to walk in, and Motley jumped first.

If Zack Sanchez does indeed return to OU next season, the cornerback dilemma is a non-existent one. You’re not wondering anything. It’s Sanchez and Jordan Thomas, and you roll from there. That dynamic has sort of changed recruiting.

If Sanchez stays, there’s no need for an immediate impact guy like Mo Chandler, and you don’t need to load up on prospects for this 2016 class.

Because if you do, be on the watch for other schools getting in the ear of OU’s Scout 300 defensive back commits Parrish Cobb and Jordan Parker.

All recruits expect competition, that’s fine. But unnecessary competition brings about decommitments and rightful ones, too.

The Sooners brought in three for 2015 with P.J. Mbanasor, Antoine Stephens and Will Johnson. The Sooners missed in 2014 with Tito Windham and Marcus Green and 2013 with L.J. Moore and 2012 with Gary Simon.

But there is enough talent there with a potential two-deep of Sanchez, Thomas, Mbanasor and Dakota Austin to hold you over and guys like Cobb and Parker could certainly emerge as freshman impact makers.

Buchanan visited OU in October and opted to wait out the process and see how things are going. It’s his right, for sure, but you never know how things are going to change nearly three months later.

It’s very possible that window was a small one after Green’s announced transfer, but it was there for both of them to decide what they wanted to do.

OU seems very set at defensive back where Kerry Cooks knocked it out of the park in his first year. Seems like Sooners will cool it when it comes to guys like Greedy Williams, Obi Eboh, Brandon Burton. Maybe because it wasn’t a realistic chance and maybe because it’s just not worth the fight considering who OU has.

The Sooners should be ready to roll with a secondary class of Parker, Cobb, Chanse Sylvie and Motley. Not a bad quartet.

OU never tries to force a commitment, but sometimes things just sort of work themselves out. Motley jumped first.

Will the Sooners take a bigger class after Green and Kenyon Frison news?

Early sign is no. OU could, but the Sooners aren’t reaching for a prospect. OU stands at 15 commits right now. Add in one at WR (Velus Jones, Zach Farrar). Add in one at offensive tackle (Tramonda Moore). Add in two at defensive line (Marcel Southall, Amani Bledsoe). Add in two at linebacker (Caleb Kelly, for sure).

That puts you at 21 and then OU could either stand pat or perhaps look at its depth chart following the college football playoff and decide where it wants to hit in the final month.

The Sooners will be active, but they don’t need to settle for anybody. Firm foundation is set, simply about adding the right pieces.

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