Take 3: Dominique Alexander

The best of an insightful interview with Dominique Alexander on Sunday.

He’s one of the leaders of the Oklahoma defense, but truth be told, junior linebacker Dominique Alexander doesn’t address the media as much as you would think.

He was back in front of the media Sunday morning to discuss the Capital One Orange Bowl vs. Clemson and had a lot of interesting things to say.

Take No. 1: Watson = Boykin?

There have been a lot of questions regarding whether or not the Sooners have seen a quarterback like Clemson’s Deshaun Watson.

OU’s defensive players are probably sick of hearing the question, but Alexander gave a pretty good comparison about who you could look at for Watson.

“Trevone Boykin,” Alexander said. “I mean, we didn't face him this year, but the guys that we've had on our defense, we've all played and we have experience so we've seen guys like that over the years.

“Seeing a guy like Baker being mobile like that and then being able to have a guy like Trevor, practicing against him, being mobile like that, that's something great to see every day at practice, as well.”

Alexander has stepped in a major way for the Sooners this season, being the leader of the middle part of the defense. It’s going to be imperative of OU’s linebackers to be able to contain Watson for all four quarters.

Take No. 2: Knight is playing role of Watson

Trevor Knight’s OU career has come full circle. He began it on scout team trying to be like Johnny Manziel in preparation for the 2013 Cotton Bowl. Now he’s ending it acting like Watson for the Sooners this go around.

It seemed pretty obvious it would be Knight fulfilling this role. He’s not as big or strong as Watson, but they do share a lot of the same characteristics.

“We do different things because Trevor is mobile and he can run and he's a great athlete, so from time to time we'll stick him back there just to give us a different look,” Alexander said.

Knight has been granted a full release from OU to pursue other options although nothing has been publicly announced just yet regarding his final year of eligibility.

Take No. 3: Key to defense has been experience

There was a lot of talk last year about 10 men knowing what they’re doing and one being lost, and that’s all that would matter for OU.

This year that hasn’t really been the case. The majority of the time OU has definitely looked like it has been on the same page. Big credit to that? Experience. A lot of the leaders for this year were also major contributors last year.

They’ve grown up.

“Personally I feel as if our defense is just a lot of guys doing their job. We have a lot of guys playing hard,” Alexander said. “Like I said, going back to Baker, we have a guy like Baker, we see his body on the line every single play when he's on the field.

“When we're on defense it's hard for us not to go back on the field and do the same and go play hard. When you have 11 guys out there playing hard and doing their job, it's hard not to be successful.”

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