OU preview: U.S. Army All-American Bowl

Final all-star game getting ready to kick off. Here's who to watch at U.S. Army All-American Bowl for Sooners.

Usually the U.S. Army All-American Bowl is on same weekend with Under Armour and Semper Fi, but because of the way the calendar worked out this year and Alamo Bowl being Saturday, the game is now noon CST on Jan. 9.

Here are the top targets to be watching from the Alamodome on NBC. Practices begin Monday.

North Torrance (Calif.) High LB Mique Juarez

The Sooners made their run at Juarez last month. Though it went well, it doesn’t seem to have been enough for most to believe Norman could be his final destination. Juarez still seems like he’s more inclined to stay closer to home unless something drastically changes in this final month before signing day. OU can point to linebacker depth and give any recruit a reason for wanting to be a Sooner, but it just doesn’t appear like it’s going to factor into anything right now.

Fresno (Calif.) Clovis West LB Caleb Kelly

It will be about maintaining that relationship and the perceived lead in the race OU has had with Kelly for what has felt like two full calendar years. Kelly’s last visit was a great one at Notre Dame, but just like it seemed OU didn’t make up ground on Juarez, doesn’t feel like the Irish were able to sway things in their direction with Kelly. What’s interesting about linebacker and OU is every one of them views themselves in the mold of Eric Striker. Fact of the matter is they can’t all be like that so it’s going to be intriguing to see who gets moved inside and who stays outside. Kelly, for what it’s worth, seems like a pure outside guy.

OKC John Marshall OT Tramonda Moore

If his decision was today, most believe he would pick the Sooners. But it’s not and it’s not this week. It seems pretty clear it’s going to be a Bedlam battle all the way until the end. He has a lot of reasons for going to OU. He has a lot of reasons for going to Oklahoma State. The Sooners struck the first major blow on an official visit last month. The Cowboys will get their chance in two weeks, and then we should all know 100 percent exactly where Moore stands in this recruiting game. He is putting in overtime for ACT preparation as well.

Shreveport (La.) Calvary Baptist S Chanse Sylvie

The lone OU commit out of the U.S. Army and Under Armour games. Not a great look for the Sooners in that regard, but at least Sylvie is the right guy for the job. He’s the guy the Sooners want there because of his ability to recruit and his infectious personality. This will be Sylvie’s last week as a high school student as the week after the game it’s time to head to Norman for real. Sylvie has been key for OU on the trail during this class, can he pull any magic off during the week? He made his official visit with Kelly as well back in November.

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