Sooners Illustrated catches up with Oklahoma Sooners freshman Christian James

Goofy freshman guard is fully recovered from broken leg, likes the atmosphere around Oklahoma

First thing I have to ask is: How’s the leg?

It’s back to normal. There’s no pain. I’m just really trying to work on getting my speed back and my explosiveness. Other than that, I think it’s fine.

You’ve been able to contribute as a freshman. When you had the injury, did you think you’d get back to this point as quickly as you have?

No. I was rehabbing hard. One of my trainers back home said I was ahead. I didn’t think so because I wasn’t running or anything yet. He told me how far ahead I was. When I got here, I saw how strong my leg was. It just took off form there.

What’s your pre-game routine like? 

I come in early. I eat breakfast with the guys. I shoot with Buddy and Isaiah for about two hours then I go in and take a nap. After that I take a shower and get dressed and ready to go.

Do you listen to music?

While I’m shooting with Buddy and Isaiah, I listen to my headphones. Other than that, no. I’m pretty much locked in.

What’s on the mix?

You know, you’ve got some Drake. You’ve got some Jay-Z on there. You’ve got some 50 Cent. Who else? You’ve got some Little Wayne. People like that.

Those are all guys I know. . . . How’s Rashard Odomes as roommate?

He’s good, like my brother. We pretty much act just alike. He’s like my brother pretty much.

What’s his worst quality as a roommate?

He sleeps all day. He stays in his room. That’s the only thing I hate. I like to interact with people. I like to be around people a lot. That’s about it.

What’s your worst quality as a roommate?

You’d have to ask him that, I wouldn’t know. I really wouldn’t know.

Do you have any TV shows you have to watch?

ESPN. My TV stays on ESPN all day. When Empire was out, I had to watch Empire. That was another one.

Outside of basketball, what do you like most about being at OU?

The atmosphere. I like interacting with people. I like being with my teammates and hanging out with my teammates – even if we’re not in the gym. I’d rather call Buddy and Isaiah just to see what they’re doing. I’ll go and hang out with them. I feel like we bond more off the court than we do on the court. That really helps us on the court.

When you’ve got guys like Ryan and Buddy and Isaiah, who all have such a great work ethic, does that rub off?

Yeah, it does.

It’s important to keep that going, then?

I’ve really looked up to Buddy and Isaiah to see how hard they’ve worked, just shooting after practice or coming in late at night. I try to feed off them. Feed off them every night, just try to stay in the gym and stay motivated. I know I’m up next. It needs to be me.

What is one thing that fans don’t know about you that you think they should know?

I’m very unselfish. I’m a very unselfish player.

No, off the court?

I’m goofy. I’m probably the goofiest person you’ll ever meet .I love to have fun off the court. I won’t necessarily say that I hate being around serious people, but you’ve gotta live life. I just like being around goofy people – people like me.

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