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Sooner mailbag: Why so pessimistic

Mailbag returns with a look at OU's first weekend after dead period.

The dead period is ending in mere hours. It’s about that time to hit the road again in recruiting. Let’s get to it with the Oklahoma recruiting mailbag.

With Jordan Carmouche decommitting from Arkansas, does that open the door for OU once again?

Rolling with a no on this one. It was a bit of a shock to hear Carmouche decommit from the Razorbacks on Sunday evening. He seemed pretty locked in, even canceling his OU visit for TCU in November.

Talking to Arkansas sources, well, Carmouche had a change of heart. Not in school but in position. Ranked as an outside linebacker across the board, Carmouche has his sights set on playing running back where virtually no top schools have viewed him the entire time.

End result? Hogs said no to that suggestion and Carmouche opened things back up. If he’s not going to budge on going from running back to outside linebacker, then there really is no conversation here. It would be a dead issue.

Carmouche is definitely a top outside linebacker target if he chooses to be. Right now, though, sounds like he doesn’t want to be one.

Isn’t it just a little too quiet for OU on the first visit weekend?

Sentiment echoed by many as the Sooners right now only have one confirmed official visitor for this weekend in Lawrenceville (Ga.) Archer offensive tackle E.J. Price.

Price is a big one, no doubt about that, but many are miffed that more names are not popping up as we get closer and closer.

The only thing can point toward in the 2014 class where it was essentially the same thing. OU closed so strong in that class but none of it was based on visits. In fact, the Sooners had zero official visits on a couple of those weekend, including the final one.

That class closed with Joe Mixon, Michiah Quick, Steven Parker in the final month. It turned out OK. It will be a little alarming since Texas is bringing the house, including guys like Chris Daniels and Mark Jackson, but OU chose to bring a lot of its top recruits for game weekends.

A kid ranks OU in his top five, and you’re so negative. What gives?

Another common comment in the last week. Sorry, just cannot give a lot of time toward guys that are not realistic targets. It’s too late in the game to do that.

Of course five-star athlete Jack Jones is a star in the making. But he’s not OU’s star in the making. It’s not going to happen. The same way it wasn’t going to happen with Mique Juarez.

The offer to junior college five-star defensive lineman Jonathan Kongbo is a head-scratcher. Because the Sooners haven’t been involved with him at all until the last few weeks. So there has to be some reason why OU is so optimistic of making this work.

One of the big reasons could be because OU can afford to wait out his academic progress. If OU gets Kongbo, and he doesn’t qualify, the Sooners are not hurting. He’s simply an addition but not a need going forward.

OU offered Kongbo, right now considered a strong favorite for Oregon or Alabama, on Monday afternoon. The visit remains out there. It won’t be this weekend, but if OU can get him to campus one of the final two weekends, we’ll talk again.

Because again, a visit in January matters. An offer in January doesn’t always factor into things. There are guys OU is very high on and high with, just some of them are not the five-star guys fans want them to be in Jones, Juarez.

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