OU's top 2015 plays: Nos. 8-5

The countdown continues as we've reached the top five plays of OU's 2015 season.

It was a banner year for Oklahoma in 2015 as the Sooners returned to national prominence by winning the Big 12 championship and becoming the first Big 12 team in the college football playoff.

There were so many good moments, but which ones were the best? That’s what we’re here to decide. This entire week Sooners Illustrated is counting them down. Four plays each day of the week until we reach the final four Friday.

Without further ado, we continue the look at OU’s top 20 plays of 2015.

No. 8: Perine takes it to the house (OU 58, Oklahoma State 23)

For some reason, OU’s game plan was to go aerial initially. It led some to believe that maybe Samaje Perine and Joe Mixon were a little more injured than previously thought.

And then Perine went nearly untouched for a 68-yard score to make it 14-10 late in the first quarter that ended that line of thinking. The funny part about this run continues to be Dede Westbrook.

He said following the game he didn’t have to block. His defender was still believing a pass might be thrown his way so Perine just followed Westbrook and cruised into the end zone.

Perine added another 131 yards in this one and two more scores as OU rushed for more than 300 yards once again.

No. 7: Shepard goes Superman (OU 31, Tennessee 24 – 2 OT)

As the game progressed, Sterling Shepard seemed to only get stronger and became the No. 1 target for Baker Mayfield when it mattered most.

On a third-and-three from the Tennessee 18 yard line in double overtime, Mayfield found Shepard one more time. The first down was a sure thing, but Shepard was able to turn it up field and essentially dive ala Superman for the end zone and give OU its first lead of the game.

No. 6: Perine paves the way (OU 31, Tennessee 24 – 2 OT)

Tennessee was able to rally itself in the first overtime to once again take the lead at 24-17. Eventually it would come down to one play as OU faced a 4th-and-goal at the 1 yard line.

It was going to be Mayfield or Samaje Perine. It was a fake to Perine, and Perine came right back to deliver the huge blow and open up the hole for Mayfield to reach the end zone with no problems.

Perine wasn’t supposed to come back and make a block, but that’s what he chose to do. That was his instinct as a football player to make it happen.

No. 5: Perine saves the day (OU 30, TCU 29)

The third quarter was about as tense a 15 minutes as OU and its fans had experienced all season. Mayfield was out. Samaje Perine suffered an ankle injury. Joe Mixon was dinged up with an apparent leg injury.

But Perine wasn’t about to sit out one more time. His first carry after returning was a 72-yard score to give OU a 30-13 lead with 7:55 left in the third quarter.

TCU, as all teams do, went low on Perine, but he was able to bounce off the tackle and get enough separation for his career-long run.

Said at the time 30 points would be enough for the Sooners, didn’t understand just how prophetic those words would be toward the end of the game.


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