Oklahoma Sooners forward Khadeem Lattin talks odds quirks, developing as fifth starter

Two days after a career-high 8 blocks, Lattin opens up about himself and how he got there

How long did it take you to mesh with the rest of the starting five?

Not very long, maybe a few games or a few weeks. It’s just knowing what my role was and knowing what I need to do and knowing what they needed from me: Just stepping up and developing with each game. 

What was the toughest part of doing that?

Stepping into Tae’s role but finding my own style of play and figuring out how I could be most effective on the court and finding out how I could maximize my time on the court. 

What gives you a bigger thrill: A big basket or a big block?

A big block; I’m way happier over a big block. A good block can lead to so many different things. A good block stops two points, and it can be a great outlet for two points on our side. It can be versatile and help a lot. Plus, I like doing it. 

You and your mom are pretty close. How often do you call her?

Every day at least. 

Is that enough for her?

I don’t think so. She loves to talk. She’s a talker. It’s as much as I can handle. 

What is your must-watch show?

If I have one must-watch show . . . there’s so many. It’s the Walking Dead. It’s gotta be the Walking Dead. 

What’s your favorite hobby?

I don’t know. Basketball is my passion and my hobby. Besides that, I don’t really do much – just go to school really. 

What’s your weirdest quirk?

I’m very weird. I’m a weird person. I like touching stuff. I love to touch stuff and be active with my hands. I don’t know. Not in like the wrong way. 

That’s why you like to block shots so much? But what’s your guilty pleasure?

There’s so many. . . . Let’s see, one that I want people to know . . . I love Ruben Studdard. I love his music. 

What’s he doing now?

I don’t know what he’s doing. I love his old music, so I’ve kept up with him. 

What’s one thing that fans should know about Khadeem Lattin off the court?

I feel like I’m pretty transparent on the court. What you see is what you get. My openness. I’m a very open person. I have an open-door policy. If you need something, just call me.

What has changed the most for you on the court?

The way that I approach the game mentally has changed. That’s done a lot for me. I have to continue to think things through and act on that.

These two things kind of go hand-in-hand, but do you go out there to win or play well for your teammates?

It’s very important to play for each other because we don’t win if we don’t. We’re an unselfish team, no matter who it is. This is something that’s very interesting, Buddy is not a selfish player, which is something that I hear from people. He’s not. He’s a very unselfish player. He’s just very good. So many times, Buddy gets mad at me if I pass up one of my open shots. In practice, Buddy is one of the first to get on the freshmen when they pass up open shots. He’s very us-oriented. He knows that we only go as far as one of our worst people. If we all contribute, and we all pull each other ahead then we’ll be great. We love to play for each other. We really are close-knit. We’re a family.

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