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Senior Bowl Q&A: Sterling Shepard

It has been a good week for former OU receiver Sterling Shepard, who reflects on his time at the Senior Bowl.

The former Oklahoma wide receiver sat down for a Q&A with Senior Bowl representatives Thursday.

How are you feeling after that hit today?

I’m feeling alright. It wasn’t too bad, but I got hit in my sternum and took the breath from me. That goes away pretty fast.

What are your thoughts on NFL coaches now that you’ve had a week with them?

It’s been fun. It’s been hectic at times when I first got in having to deal with all the scouts and trying to learn the playbook on top of that, but it comes pretty natural to me. Football is football and I got the plays down pretty smooth since the beginning.

Are you not thinking as much after three days now?

Yes, but it definitely helps me being able to watch film a little bit because I’m more of a visual learner, but the playbook has stuck with me now.

Is there a defensive back that has caught your attention?

The guy from Auburn (Jonathan Jones) is really good. He’s a smaller guy, but he definitely likes to play physical.

Is there anything in particular you wanted to showcase this week?

I wanted to show I could get off of press coverage and play on the outside and I feel like some people think I can’t go outside in the NFL. I think I can as well as playing on the inside.

Do you have a rhythm down with the quarterbacks?

Getting in sync with a quarterback usually takes months maybe even a year, but trying to jam all that in one week is hard. I feel like we got enough reps in with those guys to make it look smooth enough for the game.

Has this week been what you expected it to be?

It’s been about what I expected it to be.  I got a chance to talk to Tyler Lockett before I got here and pick his brain and find out what events we would be doing. I got a pretty good idea from him and it’s been pretty smooth since I’ve been here.

What’s it like playing with guys you competed against this year?

It’s pretty fun actually. You get to see guys from around the country you see make big plays all the time and now you get to compete with them. You get some characters on the team and it makes it fun to hang out with those guys off the field.

Who’s the biggest character on your team?

The guy on my team, Eric Striker. He’s definitely the biggest character, but Reggie Ragland is pretty much the same person. He’s the Striker of Alabama and those guys are getting along.

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