Geno Lewis, Kyler Murray 'members' of OU's 2016 class

OU's 2016 class is small but don't forget about guys like Geno Lewis and Kyler Murray. Bob Stoops hasn't.

For months and months Sooners Illustrated said Oklahoma’s 2016 class would end up 21-23 recruits and settled for the average of 22.

OU, as of now, is at 20 recruits for the class if you count four-star linebacker Bryce Youngquist who continues to work through his personal matter.

There are two hidden members of OU’s class that won’t be found anywhere in the Scout rankings where the Sooners are No. 20.

No way to account for the graduate transfer of wide receiver Geno Lewis or the former five-star quarterback Kyler Murray, who will be eligible for the 2017 season.

“It’s a smaller class in that we only had 11 seniors on scholarship a year ago, and we used to two initial scholarships for Geno Lewis and Kyler Murray,” Bob Stoops said. “We’re pleased about that as well. It’s a class that really covers the country from east coast to west and having a national brand, we continue to really do well all over the country.”

It sounds like sour grapes from Stoops trying to explain how the Sooners only have the No. 4 class in the Big 12, but he does have a point.

OU never would have caught up to Texas in the rankings, but if you look at star average per recruit, the Sooners are No. 14 in Scout and do surpass TCU and Baylor. And if you factor in Lewis and Murray, now OU eyes are starting to smile again.

“A guy with excellent experience, a guy that’s a senior who has played at this competitive level and has had success the last couple of years,” said Stoops about Lewis. “I believe he can help us. Kyler Murray has great, great potential. We’re excited about the possibilities there, too, after next season.”

Stoops realizes so much, however, is based on that official ranking. So No. 14 in star average won’t be the headline. Adding Lewis and Murray won’t make the news. It’s the No. 20 and No. 4 in the Big 12.But he’s OK with that.

“It gets to where the scoreboard can be a little skewed with how many someone has been able to sign and you get zero points for Geno Lewis and Kyler Murray,” Stoops said. “They would be worth a few points, I would guess. At least I’m glad I got them.”

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