Oklahoma Sooners forward Dante Buford playing a bigger role than ever

Emerging redshirt freshman like rapping, old-school tv shows and is friendlier than you think.

The team voted you best dunker, but you’ve developed some range in the last year. Which do you prefer: A big dunk or a big 3?

I really didn’t even start shooting until I came here. I’ve been dunking all my life. I’ve gotta go with dunking.

Which has a bigger impact?

The 3-point shot.

What have you been working on the most since you got to campus?

I’ve watched a lot of film. I’ve been really trying to increase my IQ of the game the most. Other than that, skill-wise I’ve been working on my jumper the most.

What’s your favorite food?

Pasta. Lasagna.

Do you make it yourself?


What’s your favorite place to eat on campus? Do you get their lasagna?

My favorite place to eat on campus? I go to Quizno’s and always get the Chicken Carbonara. That’s my favorite place to eat on campus. I usually just make lasagna at home.

How much of an adjustment has it been to play in the post this season?

I think the biggest thing that I needed to focus on, or what I’ve had to work more on, is post defense. In high school, I really wasn’t guarding guys this big and that skilled in the post. The biggest difference from then and now is post defense.

What do you miss most about the east coast?

I used to go to the beach from time to time. I kind of miss the weather there. I think the weather there is more steady. It doesn’t really fluctuate that much.

Where have you lived in your life?

I was born in Missouri. I was raised in Georgia, moved to South Carolina. Then I went to school in North Carolina and then Florida.

You’re a well-traveled guy. How does Oklahoma compare?

I would say people here are more open. Other places, you have your set group of friends. Here, I’ve met a lot of friends and a lot of people. Everyone here is just more open. 

What is your most unique hobby?

I like to rap from time to time. Something weird? Just to throw it out there. I do watch the Twilight Zone over and over and over again. It’s my hobby just to go and watch older movies.

What is something that fans may not know about you that you’d want them to know?

About me? I have a goofy side. People tell me that I look mean all the time. Sometimes they don’t know if I’m in a good mood. I really have this face. I’m not as mean as I look.

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