Sooner Intel: Tre Brown

Intel takes an in-depth look at recent OU offer Tre Brown

Sometimes the best thing that can happen is a wakeup call. It didn’t take long for it to occur for Tulsa (Okla.) Union’s Tre Brown during his junior season.

Coming off a spectacular summer camp circuit, a lot of eyes were on Brown when Southlake (Texas) Carroll came to town. Brown remembered playing the Dragons and wide receiver Zach Farrar as a sophomore and containing the now-four-star OU signee.

In Brown’s first game as a junior, though, it was another story. Farrar was able to use his big frame to negate Brown’s track-level speed and Southlake Carroll pulled off an impressive second half comeback to win at Union.

It was the catalyst to Brown’s biggest improvement as a junior.

“It made me wake up. My tackling,” said Brown about his biggest stride as a player. “I became more aggressive. He got me then, but I had him locked down the other time.”

The question is will there be a rubber match in practice next year? Farrar has already signed with the Sooners, and Brown, a Scout 300 prospect, earned his OU offer last weekend.

OU wasn’t the first offer, far from it. Numerous Power 5 schools have entered the mix, but it’s obvious the OU offer means just a little bit more.

“Not really,” said Brown on if any offers surprised him more than others. “Just the OU one. It’s always been my dream school.

“I knew my time was coming. I thought it would be more in the spring. I always looked at it as long as it happens before the spring, I’m good.”

It’s happened before spring, and he’s definitely good.

Brown was already a name to watch heading into his sophomore season, at least among those who cover Oklahoma high school recruiting.

Camp performances, especially at OU, however, put him on the map. He’s still not the biggest, but you can’t teach speed like Brown has. You can’t teach his ball skills.

Following a great three days in Norman, a lot were hoping the offers would start to trickle in. But Brown was cool about the process. He had heard from enough people that it might not happen now, but it will happen.

“Everybody was just saying it’s going to come,” Brown said. “I remember Durron Neal saying, you know, just wait on it. It’s going to happen.”

Brown arrived at OU last Saturday believing it was definitely going to happen. The Sooners didn’t waste any time in telling him the news.

OU coaches Chip Viney and Kerry Cooks took Brown away from the group and let him know he had the offer because he earned it with all the hard work he had done in the previous year.

“It let me know they really want me,” Brown said. “They said they wanted to get me, for sure. They wanted to get me locked down and then start looking nationally.”

That might be the case, but later in the day, OU also offered fellow Scout 300 prospect from OKPreps cornerback Justin Broiles. Brown said it was a little bit surprising to see that, but he knew Broiles was an offer possibility and knows Broiles has also earned his recent string of accolades.

Brown knew that even if offered, he was going to wait. He said his goal is to make a decision in March as he no intention on dragging the process out. His mindset is once he knows, no turning back.

Waiting became a little bit more difficult following a great conversation with head coach Bob Stoops on Wednesday.

“He said he’s really excited about the offer for me,” Brown said. “He said he really wants to coach me and believes I can be a leader and a real lockdown corner for him.”

The offers are coming in, but Brown sort of knows what he wants. He said his top two is OU and Florida and the Gators haven’t offered just yet. He would like to visit Arizona State and Florida before making a decision, but again, he’s ready to make it happen.

Brown said he was 5-foot-10 and 167 pounds the last time he was in Norman. This time he was 5-10 and 180 pounds.

“It’s helped me finish plays,” Brown said. “It’s helped with my recruiting because people know I’m not as small as I used to be.”

Brown is No. 246 in the Scout 300 and the second-ranked prospect in the state. The only one better is OU commit Levi Draper, somebody Brown has grown a major friendship with through the years.


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