Ryan Spangler has become the heartbeat of the Oklahoma Sooners

The senior forward doesn't mind being hated on the road, but don't ever touch his truck

Does this kind of rivalry week add something for you?

Obviously we want to beat them just as bad as they want to beat us. We’re still in this Big 12 race. That makes it even bigger. . . . We’ve just got to get this team playing like we did Saturday every game.

What’s the dynamic like at home with Daniel Harper and CJ Cole, and did you know either of them before Oklahoma since you are all Oklahoma guys?

I knew C.J. I played with him a couple times in high school in summer league. I lived with James my whole career here. He moved out. We brought in Daniel, and he’s just a guy like us. He just wants to chill and watch basketball and do whatever we want to do.

Outside of basketball, what do you guys do at the house?

This may sound bad, but I’m not going to lie. We play a lot of Halo. Hours on hours every day: I’m not going to lie to you. Besides that, we go golfing every once in a while. We play a lot of Halo.

Halo seems to be a favorite game on this team. Is there a champion?

I’m the best on the basketball team. Baker is better than me, but I’m the best on the basketball team.

What is your favorite TV show?

I probably like Ed, Edd and Eddy the best.

That’s been canceled though right?

Yeah, I like CatDog too.

So you’re an old-school Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon kind of guy? Hey Arnold, too?

Yeah, football head.

Does it bother you that you are public enemy No. 1 wherever you go?

Nah, that means I’m doing something right to make them hate us. If our home crowd was yelling at me like that, maybe. Playing away, it’s just the way. People don’t like guys that fly around and are the energy guys for their team.

Five years from now, where is Ryan Spangler?

I’m going to be playing basketball. I don’t know where. I’m going to try to make the NBA. If not, I know I’m going to go overseas and play.

What’s your worst quality?

It’s a good quality, but it’s the worst. I’m OCD with my truck. So people who will bring dirty shoes in there, I’m not going to let them do that. That’s probably my worst.

What kind of truck is it?

Chevy truck, Silverado. And I’ll give you another pointer. C.J. Cole, when he gets in my passenger seat, he likes to put his foot on my dash. You know it’s a glossy clean dash. I’m like, ‘Come on man.’

What is something that fans don’t know about you that you want them to know?

I play the piano. My mom made me take lessons in fifth and sixth grade.

So it’s just ‘Mary had a Little Lamb?’

No, I can get it. I don’t know about now, I haven’t played in a couple years but I used to get after it.

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