Sooners Illustrated looks back at the seven performers in this weekend's NFL Scouting Combine

Some Sooners made some money this weekend while others lost out; Most performed exactly how they were expected to perform.

The NFL Scouting Combine was a chance for the Oklahoma Sooners vying to make a roster as a professional next season to make a first impact.

There will still be individual workouts and Oklahoma’s March 9 Pro Day, but this weekend was the first chance to make a first impression.

Here’s a quick look at the Sooners’ entrants and where they might stand after this weekend:

WR Sterling Shepard

40-yard dash 4.48 seconds 20-yard shuttle 4.35 seconds
Bench press 20 reps 3-cone drill 7 seconds
Broad jump 123 inches Vertical jump 41 inches

Post-combine breakdown: Shepard didn’t disappoint. In fact, he likely made some money over the weekend. He was outstanding in all the measurable drills, finishing as the top receiver in the bench press and the vertical while also running in the top 10 in the 40. In the non-timed/recorded drills, Shepard was even better. He shined in pass-catching drills. The only placed Shepard looked pedestrian was in the agility drills, which might have been considered as a place for him to shine. Ultimately, Shepard really couldn’t have had a better weekend. He might have just played his way into the first round.

OG Nila Kasitati

40-yard dash 5.32 seconds 20-yard shuttle 4.83 seconds
Bench press 12 reps 3-cone drill 8.30 seconds
Broad jump 107 inches Vertical jump N/A

Post-combine breakdown: Well, it wasn’t great. Kasitati made headlines with just 12 reps on the bench press: The fewest of any offensive linemen and more than only one running back. It was also eight fewer than Shepard. Kasitati also finished out of the top 15 in every exercise except for the broad jump. His 8-foot-11-inch leap in that workout was by far the bright spot – showing exceptional lower body strength. Ultimately, Kasitati didn’t do much to help himself in the draft. He’s still a day-three possibility, at best.

LB Dominique Alexander

40-yard dash N/A 20-yard shuttle N/A
Bench press 17 reps 3-cone drill N/A
Broad jump 104 inches Vertical jump 28.5 inches

Post-combine breakdown: Considered a talented runner, Alexander chose not to run in any drills. His other performances didn't help his cause though. Alexander was last in the broad jump amongst linebackers and finished in the bottom 25 percent in the bench press and vertical jump. If Alexander is to hear his name called in the NFL Draft, then it will come on the third day. He needs a big Pro Day performance for that to happen.

LB Devante Bond

40-yard dash 4.7 seconds 20-yard shuttle 4.36 seconds
Bench press 21 reps 3-cone drill 7.07 seconds
Broad jump 121 inches Vertical jump 37.5 inches

Post-combine breakdown: Outside of Shepard, Bond had the most consistent performance of the weekend. He placed in the top-10 in all six events, finishing third in the vertical jump, fifth in the 3-cone (surprisingly good agility numbers) and sixth in the broad jump - showing a good balance of lower body strength and lower body quickness. Bond came into the combine as a possible second-day draft pick. That possibility might have gotten a little bit bigger.

LB Eric Striker

40-yard dash 4.8 seconds 20-yard shuttle 4.46
Bench press 23 reps 3-cone drill 7.3 seconds
Broad jump 116 inches Vertical jump 30 inches

Post-combine breakdown: At 4.8 seconds, Striker had one of the slower 40-yard times amongst linebackers, but at 23 bench press reps, he had the third most of any linebacker. It's really a stange contradiction. Striker, who also had a lacking 3-cone drill time, should have been the opposite - an undersized linebacker with great speed and minimal strength. It shows that he plays faster than he runs, and he might be stronger than he looks. Overall, it doesn't really hurt Striker, who was vying to be a fourth-round pick at best.

DE Charles Tapper

40-yard dash 4.59 sconds 20-yard shuttle N/A
Bench press 23 reps 3-cone drill N/A
Broad jump 119 inches Vertical jump 34 inches

Post-combine breakdown: Tapper might have made Oklahoma's biggest surprise of the NFL Scouting Combine by running a 4.59 in the 40-yard dash, the fastest time amongest defensive linemen, with the fastest initial 10-yard split. That really should have been expected, just maybe not that fast. Tapper has always been a proven athlete, and he had a top-8 distance in the broad jump as well. If a team was willing to take a chance on Tapper, the combine might have given them reason to take that chance a little bit earlier.

DB Zack Sanchez

40-yard dash N/A 20-yard shuttle N/A
Bench press 19 reps 3-cone drill N/A
Broad jump 116 inches Vertical jump 35.5 inches

Post-combine breakdown: In the testable events, Sanchez lacked. His vertical jump was a bit lower then expected, but he did show a bit of strenth with 19 reps. Where Sanchez looked better was in the game-simulation events. In drop backs, he was natural - quick feet and smooth hips. He high-pointed the ball well in pass-catching drills. He's still a long-shot but has a decent shot at the third round.

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