Discipline key for Zack Sanchez

Zack Sanchez loves to make plays but being disciplined will be key.

Anybody who watched former Oklahoma defensive back Zack Sanchez the last few seasons know he has the ability to make plays. But there were times when that trait was also his biggest issue.

You can’t gamble all the time, and it certainly backfired on Sanchez and OU a few times. Now getting ready for the NFL Draft, Sanchez knew that topic would come up.

It did. Sanchez was ready and also pleasantly surprised at the feedback he has received from scouts. Because in the end, it’s all about discipline.

But a lot of the teams weren’t as critical as I thought they would be,” Sanchez said. “A lot of them just said they could tell I was trying to make a play. They just want me to be more disciplined in that area.

My biggest part of my game is making plays, so my technique is going to lead me to my plays. Just trusting my technique more and not rushing to make a play every time the ball’s thrown at me. I need to be more smart in that area.”

Sanchez had a good NFL Combine, but he put it all together Wednesday at OU’s pro day. Want to know about his speed? He was clocked at a 4.5 40-yard dash. And position drills did nothing to hurt Sanchez and his value in the draft.

Want to know about his strength? He had 19 reps on the bench of 225 pounds and believes he could have gotten a couple more. That’s OK as his point was made that he’s not one of the weaker guys.

Combine and pro day in the books, the focus goes into the NFL Draft. Easier said than done, but Sanchez said he has to not think about draft expectations and predictions. His goal is to focus on what he can control.

But there is one person he will be watching to see where he gets drafted in former teammate wide receiver Sterling Shepard.

I’ll probably just watch the first round stuff, obviously want to see where guys are going and then I’ll watch to see where my teammates go,” Sanchez said. “To see Shep go on the first day would be cool, which I think he deserves.”

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