Unfiltered: Dominique Alexander

Former OU linebacker Dominique Alexander discusses it all following OU pro day.

Former Oklahoma linebacker Dominique Alexander took the time following OU pro day to discuss any and everything as he gets ready for the NFL Draft.

What have Aaron Colvin and Tyler Lockett been telling you to get you ready for this process?

I talk to Aaron a lot. That’s my big brother. My freshman year, I used to live with him. He took me under his wing. And he had a great year this year coming back from an ACL. He was just telling me if you stay consistent with your work and stay diligent with it and keep working each and every day, you’ll be where you want to be. And he proved that this year because he had a really successful season. Tyler, he just tells me that it’s all about getting into camp and showing what you can do. The 40 stuff and all these things, you have to do your best. Once you get into camp, that’s when it’s really time for them to see who you are. That’s what he’s been telling me. I talk to Tyler every day.

Happy with pro day results?

I really don’t have all my numbers, but I’m happy regardless because I know what I can do on the football field.

Will you be in Tulsa on Thursday to cheer on big brother, Derrick?
Yeah, that’s my guy. That’s my right-hand man.

Excited for him to prove himself?

I’m very excited. Like I tell people, all he needs is the attention because he can do everything that everyone else does. He just needs the spotlight.

What’s the positive feedback you’ve heard from scouts?

Really they love the way I move in space. My coverage and things like that. They say I’m an instinctive player and I have a nose for the football. They said I can really comprehend the game well. There’s not many times when I’m in the wrong spot.

What are you working on here going forward?

Everything. This is a big transition. Really my play strength and really getting off blockers. I can get to the football. I just have to be more consistent with my finish.

Was it tough leave early?

It wasn’t tough at all because of my son. I only got to see my son two times a month. That’s not a tough decision. I don’t think it would be for anybody … family-related. I love OU. From the time I got here, I was playing. I love Coach Stoops and everything they’ve done. But for me, deep down, I could play a football game on Saturday but I wouldn’t be happy because on Sundays, I’m not around with what makes me truly happy. I love the game of football, like I said, but being around my son and watching him grow … another year here, it’s another year I’m losing with my son (Noah, just turned 1 last week).

Have you been able to spend time with Noah while training?

That was another thing. Being out in California, I wasn’t able to see him that much. Right now, I’m working for the bigger picture. As soon as I got down there on the third, we threw him a birthday party on the fifth because his mother was out of town for her basketball tournament. We had a real good time. Just being around him now, it means everything to me. It makes everything easier.

He going to be a linebacker for OU?

He’s going to be anything that he wants to be.

He’ll have his choice. You play football. His mother plays basketball. He’s set, right?

His grandfather played in the NBA (Lee Mayberry) and my father played at OSU. He has genes. Hopefully he can work it out.

What was Combine like?

I love talking football. I love playing football. I love talking football. That was fun, just being able to meet all the coaches. To me, say you’ve been working on something all your life for 16 years, building a robot and putting it together. You have 32 people in front of you with all this money and who is going to invest in your robot. You know they are going to invest in you. How can you not be happy to meet with them? And one of them is going to take you. That’s how I look at it. It’s something I’ve worked for my whole life. I was looking forward to it, whenever and what time. I was just happy.

Is it still Boomer Sooner in the future?

You see how crazy I am for Booker T. I love OU. This school gave me a new opportunity. Like my brother said, I was wild in high school and I’m a way different person now. That’s a shout out to Coach Stoops, Coach Kish, Coach Mike just sticking with me through the process and watching me and helping me grow as a man. I can never take that for granted.

Corey Nelson helped you so much as a freshman. How exciting is it to see him win Super Bowl?

I’m ecstatic for him. I’m happy for him. That’s really hard work. That wasn’t a thing where he just won, but he was contributing. You seen how he is doing on the punts and things like that. He was making his presence felt during the games. When you can be a part of something that special and contribute, it means the world. He just had his daughter and his girl … his life is going great and I’m just happy to see that. When you are a stand-up guy like he is, nothing but good can happen for you. That’s how I see it.

What can OU fans expect from Tay Evans?

When Tay first got here, he was a robot. He was a tremendous athlete but he was trying to do so much of what the coaches were saying that he wasn’t able to show his athletic ability at times. Now, he’s loose, he’s free and doing what he wants to do out there. He’s having fun and making plays. I haven’t seen it, but I know for a fact that he is. That’s what he’s doing. He’s going to do great this year.

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