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Sooner Intel: Tylan Wallace

Intel returns with an update on top OU wide receiver target Tylan Wallace.

As Oklahoma continues to build its 2017 class, real questions will have to start to be asked about just which recruits will be welcomed into the group and which ones will have to play the waiting game.

Wide receiver will be a huge position to watch going forward, including seeing what happens with Fort Worth (Texas) South Hills wide receiver Tylan Wallace.

Wallace, ranked No. 118 in the Scout 300, was back at OU two weeks ago with his twin brother, quarterback Tracin Wallace. The Wallace twins are becoming very familiar with the program.

“I was able to talk to the coaches a lot more and get to know them,” Wallace said. “I definitely enjoyed it a lot more because I got to spend so much more time with them.”

Tylan Wallace has been a major target for OU for a quite a while with receivers coaches Dennis Simmons and Cale Gundy in constant communication with him. Wallace said Simmons right now is his main contact.

Wallace said every time he goes back to OU, he enjoys his visits, but he’s still not in any rush just yet to make a decision.

“The coaches and the environment really stand out,” Wallace said. “You can tell they really care for you. But I haven’t thought about narrowing things down or anything like that.”

He is, however, noticing the #SoonerSquad17 movement on Twitter. He said it does mean something because it’s one way of knowing there are going to be a lot of ranked kids in the class, which could help it being successful.

The elephant in the room with Wallace’s OU recruitment is Tracin. Usually when one gets an offer, the other twin’s offer is minutes away. OU offered Tylan a long time ago but hasn’t done the same for Tracin.

Ranked as a quarterback, this could be a problem with OU and Tracin as obviously the Sooners are set with Mesquite (Texas) Horn Scout 300 quarterback Chris Robison.

Add in to the equation Tracin is still recovering from tearing his ACL six months ago, and he’s no sure thing to be looked at by the Sooners.

The brothers would like to stick together but history has shown OU will not offer one brother to get the other. No token offers.

“Yea, we plan on going somewhere together,” Wallace said. “If we had to, we’ll separate, but we want to see what we can do together first.”

Wallace said they plan on attending Oklahoma State’s spring game but that nothing else is planned as of this time.

Opened in 1998, Fort Worth South Hills isn’t a school that has been recognized a lot. The Wallace twins understand that and take a lot of pride in helping put the school on the map.

“Recruiting hasn’t been a big thing at our school or even in Fort Worth, in general,” Wallace said. “It does mean a lot in helping the school get out there and recognized. We hope it continues going forward.”

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