Two Minute Drill: Davin Joseph went one-on-one with the Sooners' outstanding sophomore guard following Wednesday's practice

NORMAN, Okla. — reporter James Hale interviewed sophomore offensive lineman Davin Joseph in our first installment of the post-practice two minute drill.

JH: Former OU offensive line coach Merv Johnson has said you have the potential to be the best lineman here in the last 25 years. That's quite a compliment.

DJ: "I'm very honored to get that compliment. With him saying that, I believe that I have the opportunity right now to be one of the best. I look forward to taking control of this opportunity with my best effort, and if that happens I guess it's meant to be."

JH: You told me during the summer your goal was to add a certain amount of pounds of muscle. Did you reach that goal?

DJ: "Yes, to some extent. I got better with my speed, mental toughness and strength. I didn't reach exactly what I wanted to, but I aim kind of high. But you know you've got to aim high to get high. I did pretty well though."

JH: It looked like you were pulling on some trap plays in practice today. Is that something you guys are going to try and do more because of your speed?

DJ: "We've got a pretty fast offensive line. We're going to try and get outside and try to muscle a little bit inside and see what works."

JH: The sky seems to be the limit for you. You came here as a defensive lineman and now you're on the offensive line. But that move sure didn't seem to stump your growth as a player has it?

DJ: "I've got a lot of expectations for myself. And playing on the offensive line, I think I've got a great chance of reaching them. The sky is the limit right now, I've just got to get there."

JH: What kind of goals have you set for yourself and for the offensive line?

DJ: "I just think we're just trying to prove to ourselves that we're as good as they say that we are. A lot of people have been giving us accolades for this upcoming season, but we haven't done anything yet. We think we're a lot better than we were last season. As far as the team goes we want to be better than last year. We want to get our running back over 2,000 yards, protect our quarterback and put our stats up there as far as pancakes and not giving up sacks. As for myself, I'm set up there pretty high as far as not giving up any sacks, getting a lot of pancakes, dominating and getting my game to be more aggressive."

JH: What were your impressions of today's first practice?

DJ: "It went pretty well. We're still trying to knock the rust off, because your steps aren't as quick as you want them to be and your hands are as quick as you want them to be. But it's the first day, so you can't complain too much. We'll just get back out on the field tomorrow and make our improvements."

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