OU quotables: Final Four

Some of the best quotes from the day that was at the Final Four.

A collection of some of the best answers and best quotes throughout the day Friday with Oklahoma and Final Four press conferences.

Lon Kruger on Lew Hill and Steve Henson earning head coaching jobs:

“He (Henson) was terrific. Always appreciated him. Excited for him and Lew now with Steve going to the University of Texas-San Antonio as a head coach and Lew going to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Very excited. They’ll both do a great job, terrific with players, be great in the community.”

Kruger on the biggest distraction during Final Four week:

“Well, the setting itself. I think the stage itself. So many people from all over the world travel here to be a part of this. We have the honor of being one of the four teams playing.

“The attraction, what it will mean to the players most of their lives, is the most important thing to me. Even though they don’t fully realize it now.

“They’ll share a special bond with everyone involved in this event. They’ll share a bond with the city of Houston. They’ll have that logo, you know, in their mind the rest of their lives. Even though they don’t fully realize it today, just how much that will mean to them throughout their lives.”

Ryan Spangler on learning Kruger’s name was ‘Slick’ as a player and calling him that now:

“He might make us run for that. But that’s a good name. He’s pretty slick at everything he does, whether that’s drawing plays on the board or what. He’s pretty smart. That name fits him pretty good.”

Kruger on the advantages of the ‘Core Four’ on a weekend like this:

“It makes it much easier, not just because they’ve started consecutively whatever number of games, but because of the way they have approached each day with their work ethic, the team-first type attitude, their selflessness in terms of not caring really about who gets it done, but just moving the ball.

“They know each other very well. They know where the ball needs to be. They do that day after day after day. We never have to talk about enthusiasm. We never have to talk about energy. We never have to talk about getting up extra shots. It makes coaching a lot easier when you have a group like this.”

Kruger on if Buddy Hield can handle this stage and spotlight:

“It is different, no question about that. Yet Buddy has handled all that very well. Even though it’s different here, it’s grander, he has been remarkable in how he’s handled it. He passes, deflects praise to his teammates. He’s always talking about team.

“He’s very proud and very confident of what he’s accomplished, and yet he always includes team, always includes teammates, always talking about Isaiah, about Jordan, about Ryan, about the other seniors.”

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