Oklahoma Sooners receivers AD Miller spoke after his big day in OU's spring game

After four catches in his first spring game at Oklahoma, freshman receiver AD Miller talked about his day and his improvement with OU's quarterback group.

NORMAN – Oklahoma Sooners receiver AD Miller finished with four catches for 46 yards. He spoke with the media after the game.

Here’s a full recap:


How do you think today went for you?

It went alright. It was a pretty good day. There were a few plays I could have made. I also made a few plays. I felt like, all-around, it was a good day.


How have you improved since last season?

I feel like I’ve improved a lot. I feel like I’ve gotten stronger over the off-season. My hands have gotten better. I feel like I’m still improving right now. I’m just going to keep going.


What has your chemistry been like with the quarterbacks?

It’s been pretty good. Each of them are different quarterback-wise. They all can get the ball to you. It’s been pretty good working with all of them.


How has Austin Kendall improved from his first day on campus?

He’s made a lot of improvements from when he first got here. He can get the ball to you. He can run a little bit and make plays happen. He’s just like a mini Mayfield.


What has he improved?

His deep balls: He’s more confident in them. He’ll just let them fly. He believes in the receiver a little.


You like that?

Yeah, I love that.


What about Kyler Murray?

Pretty good too. Another great quarterback that we’ve got. He’s making plays left and right. He’s pretty good right there.


What has been the difference in the receiving corps without  Sterling Shepard?

It’s been different but also it’s been pretty good at the same time. He had a lot of leadership roles, when he was here – him and Durron. Now that they are gone, it gives us younger guys a chance to step up and accomplish something ourselves.


Has that gone well?

Yes sir.


After all the success last season, what has been the mindset in spring?

Take it like we weren’t there last year. Go back. It’s a new year, a new start. We have to get back to the playoffs and hopefully make it to the national championship.


You had a big day Saturday. Are you understanding the game better?

That’s just the offense. We’ve all got our certain little spot. We all rotate in. We all understand the offense. That’s just the offense.


Is it easier to succeed in the second year with the offense?

Yeah, it’s pretty easy now.

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