Two Minute Drill: Travis Wilson

Sophomore receiver Travis Wilson talks about practice and his adjustment from high school to college football

NORMAN, Okla. — writer James Hale went one-on-one with sophomore receiver Travis Wilson following Thursday's practice.

JH: They always say a player makes the most improvement from his first to second year. And it looks to me you look like a much more polished receiver.

TW: "I came in here like any other high school receiver who was used to relying on their athletic ability. I've worked really hard with Schmitty (Jerry Schmidt) and all the strength coaches, and they've done a lot for me with my speed and quickness. Coach (Darrell) Wyatt has also worked with me individually to get better. Just the offense we have, and the players we have around me, help me all the time and bring out the best in everyone."

JH: Talk about making the fact that as a receiver your athleticism can only take you so far and you eventually have to become more polished in college to play with the level of competition.

TW: "Since I was younger I really have never been pushed. I was always the star on the team, but when you come up here to play for such a great team and all the great recruits they get, there's competition everywhere. So, you have to bring out your best if you want to get on the field."

JH: You've been working in the slot and on the outside as a receiver. How much does it help you to be able to play and both positions?

TW: "It gives me a better chance to get on the field in case anything happens and we need someone. I worked a little bit last year, but they told me this spring to really work to start learning the outside (receiver spot). We just want to get a flow where any of us can go to any position."

JH: You're a guy who is at his best after catching the ball. You're looking good out there now, but how much are you really looking forward to going to full pads?

TW: "Besides the heat I don't look forward to it, but it just brings out the competition. You have to step it up when the full pads go on."

JH: How are the quarterbacks throwing the ball so far?

TW: "All of them are doing a great job and are battling hard for their position. And they're all doing well on their reads and stuff."

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