OU spring game in-depth: Kyler Murray

Story, video and photos with OU quarterback Kyler Murray from the spring game.

Saturday marked the last time Oklahoma fans will see Kyler Murray in action for the Sooners until the 2017 spring game.

Murray, who transferred from Texas A&M on Christmas Eve, is ineligible to play for the Sooners this season but put on a nice little show for OU fans.

Murray was 6-of-10 passing for 136 yards and two touchdowns and spoke about Saturday and what this spring has been like in Norman.

Did you enjoy Saturday?
Yes sir, definitely had fun. Coming here, I love it. I love the new move. I can’t put into words how much it means for them to give me the opportunity to come here and play for them. A great university, great coaches.

Is it difficult to wait another year?
I knew what was at stake leaving, that I’d have to sit out a year. The guys have helped me, the coaches have helped me. Sitting out, getting bigger, getting a year under my belt and just learning from Lincoln (Riley) and Bake (Mayfield) will help a ton. Me waiting? Yeah, it’s gonna hurt. But being there with the guys on this team, I’ll be fine.

Learning from Mayfield?
Me and Baker have clicked really well ever since I stepped on campus from day one. Learning from one of the best, if not the best, offensive coordinator in the game, it doesn’t get much better than that.

What do you mean by that?
I’ve been around a lot of offensive guys. Nowadays kids growing up in middle school in Texas throw seven-on-seven. I love the way he coaches the offense. He’s going to nitpick everything, he’s going to be detailed with you. But it’s for the better. I see why. From afar I watched OU have all their success last year. I see why being here.

How did it feel to be in front of the fans?
It feels good. This was my last game until I’m eligible to play. It felt good to get out there with the guys, throw it around, run around and have fun.

Any pressure today?
No. I thought about it a little this morning. But not really. I know my time will come. When it does I’ll be ready. For me it’s trying to help the team as much as possible, rooting the guys on, learning as much as possible.

What happened on the TD to Jordan Smallwood?
It was just a concept we had. They had one high safety. He had to choose one. Smallwood ended up coming open.

How’s Austin Kendall doing?
AK is a young guy, I kind of know where he is in terms of progress. He’s done a great job. He’ll have to be ready because he’ll be the backup. With time… You can’t judge time. It is what it is. He’s doing great.

Lincoln Riley?
Just the way he coaches… He’s one of the best if not the best I’ve been around. He relates to us. He talks to us, goofs off with us. But when it’s time to be serious, he’s serious. He’s gonna jump you. He’s gonna ask you why you did this, what was going through your mind? He doesn’t want an answer that doesn’t fit what you actually saw.

Feel like the fans have accepted you?
Definitely exciting to feel the love from Sooner Nation. You know when they accept you after a big move. Coming here, all I can ask is for them to accept me. The guys have done that. The team has done that. For me all I gotta do is be there for the team and gain their trust as much as possible.

Thinking about 2017 QB battle?
I don’t try to think about it. That’s a year ahead. No, it’s gonna be fun. I love competition. He loves competition. It’ll be fun. But that’s down the road.

Tough to go on social media?
It doesn’t bother me at all. With the departure, it is what it is. Now being here, we’re moving on to bigger and better things. There’s no hate. I’m here now and I’m all about the Sooners. Feeling that reception from the fans, that’s great. It was a good feeling.

Sum up this spring?
Love it. Ever since I’ve stepped on campus from day one, it feels like I’m back in high school. The team, the camaraderie, everybody’s for everybody. They just want to see everybody succeed. It’s crazy. The team is so close. The coaches is there for you. We win championships. You’re gonna play in big games. The kids at the school have been very receptive. I’ve loved it.


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