Sooners commit Trajan Bandy says OU 'felt like home'

His first trip to Norman as a commit, and it was successful for Trajan Bandy.

There were a bunch of 2017 commitments coming back to Oklahoma for the Sooners spring game last weekend.

But Miami Columbus defensive back Trajan Bandy wasn’t coming back to Norman. He was getting to see the campus up close and personal for the first time.

Committed to OU since February, this was going to be a major opportunity for the Sooners to make their case as to why Bandy should stick with SoonerSquad17 despite a lot of top schools trying to get him to switch his pledge.

Following the weekend? Mission accomplished.

“I was really impressed,” Bandy said. The coaches showed me a good time. It felt like home. I didn’t want to leave. I can really relate to the players. I can’t wait to get back there.”

Bandy said he had a lot of questions for OU coaches Bob Stoops and Kerry Cooks. The most notable ones involved the depth chart and where Bandy fits in the plans going forward.

He was satisfied with the answers, believing he has a really good shot at early playing time when he arrives in Norman. The key, it seems, will be his versatility. OU views him as a cornerback and nickelback. Learning more about the game will increase his value to the team, obviously.

Bandy said he spent some time with Steven Parker and Jordan Thomas, who reiterated about the chances of playing early. They stressed to Bandy that OU will get you ready, will have you coached up for that opportunity.

But the person you knew Bandy was going to connect with the most was Ahmad Thomas. It had to be. Thomas is the last Miami product to make it to Norman, signing for the 2013 class.

Bandy wanted to meet Thomas, and Thomas gave it to the Scout 300 commitment straight.

“He told me it’s going to be hard leaving home,” Bandy said. “But OU will teach you to be a man. You can’t go right around the corner and ask for mom for anything. They’re going to turn into a man. You’ll have a great shot at playing, and Coach Stoops is always going to keep it real with you.”

“A lot of coaches will just tell you stuff to get you to come to the school, but he’s a cool guy. I can see that for myself, too. I’m very excited to be coached by him.”

Bandy is one of the Killer B’s for the 2017 class. No idea if the name will stick, but all of OU’s defensive back commitments have a last name that begins with B and all four Scout 300 kids were in one place for the first time last weekend.

Trajan Bandy

Robert Barnes

Tre Brown

Justin Broiles

Bandy said the visit got started on a great note with the OU coaches approaching him as soon as he arrived. He said the players knew who he was. The fans knew who he was.

Out of all the visits he has taken in the past, this is the one that stands out the most. According to his father, who went on the trip with Bandy, “this is where it’s at.”

Bandy talked about how Ahmad Thomas did a great job during the weekend of taking him under his wing and treating him like a brother.

But when Bandy gets to Norman, he’ll have a new brother so to speak in Broiles. The two committed in a two-week span and have become practically inseparable via social media, snap chat, text messages and now through the visit last weekend.

“He’s always pumped up,” Bandy said. “He’s a good kid. I love to be around a player like him. I want him to be my roommate because he’s a lot like me.

“Off the field, I’m a quiet, humble guy. On the field, my energy is up. His energy is always up. He’s always ready.

“When he gets to OU, we’re going to be like Mathieu-Peterson (Tyrann Mathieu, Patrick Peterson at LSU back in the day). He’s like a real brother to me.”

The visit was so necessary as top schools keep calling. Bandy said South Carolina, TCU, Alabama and Michigan are among the schools who keep inquiring about where he stands.

For now? He’s 100 percent locked in with SoonerSquad17. He felt like a part of the group with the guys last weekend, and he said it’s going to be really hard to beat OU.

Not just for Bandy, but for his father, too. His father has been a fan of Bandy being a Sooner and that only increased after last weekend.

“My dad got chills,” said Bandy about the spring game. “He had a big smile on his face. I had a big smile on my face, too.”


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