RECRUITING: Patterson says yes to Sooners

The Sooners have invaded the state of Illinois once again. Chicago, Ill. linebacker Chris Patterson talked with about his verbal to Oklahoma on Friday evening.


JH: You told me heading into your visit to OU that if your mom liked Oklahoma you would commit to the Sooners. So I guess we can assume that your mom likes Oklahoma, because today you committed to the Sooners?

CP: "Yes, she enjoyed it and it was my whole purpose of getting back down here. I saw the program and the campus this summer, and I wanted to get her down here so that she could see why I liked the University so much. She got a good feel of the campus and got a chance to talk to Coach (Bob) Stoops, Coach (Brent) Venables and to Coach (Jackie) Shipp. She felt very comfortable with the coaching staff and the University itself."

JH: You have been a strong lean to OU for several months. Are you glad that you can finally say that you are an Oklahoma Sooner?

CP: "Yeah, I am glad to get it over with and to officially know where I am going. Now, I can go back home and just get on my grades, my books and finish my senior year strong."

JH: What was it about Oklahoma from day one that really turned you on about the Sooner program?

CP: "It was just the good feeling that I had when I went to camp here. When I was talking to some of the guys, even to some of guys who have already received some tremendous awards, they didn't try to act like they were something special, they just talked to me and treated me like they were my older brothers. I only got to spend a short amount of time with them, but they seem real cool and made me feel right at home. That good feeling has never left me and the football program is the best in the country. Oklahoma is out to win football games and I don't think anybody is any better in the country and winning college football games."

JH: How much of your decision was based on Coach Venables, who is one of the best linebacker coaches in the country, and who it seems coaches a Butkus Award finalist every year or a player who is going high in the NFL draft?

CP: "That was a big part of my reason to commit to OU. Coach Venables is just going to make me a better player and a better person. As I mature into manhood he is going to be a good coach to learn from and to follow."

JH: You told Coach (Bob) Stoops today at practice that you were committing. Can you share what was said?

CP: "He was just very happy for me. He congratulated me and said that he was glad to finally hear those words coming out of my mouth."

JH: Your mom and the rest of your family seem very happy right now.

CP: "Yeah, that is a good feeling. I can't wait to get here to OU so that I can bring more smiles to a lot more people."

JH: What did you think of OU's practice today?

CP: "It didn't look too hard out there today, but maybe that is because they have just started. I know it gets harder."

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