Two Minute Drill: Donte Nicholson went one-on-one with Oklahoma's junior safety after Saturday's practice

NORMAN, Okla. — writer James Hale caught up with junior safety Donte Nicholson after Saturday morning's practice.

JH: It seems you haven't had any problems picking up the system since the first day you arrived on campus last spring. Is that something that comes natural to you?

DN: "It's not natural. With the defense we're running you really have to know what you're doing, and all the film we watch helps us prepare for those situations. We watch a lot of film, I mean a lot of film, and it helps put you in the right spot."

JH: Coming in, did you have any idea about the schematics of OU's defense?

DN: "I basically had some sort of idea. In the cover two, cover three and cover four, I basically know where I should be, and where certain people in our defense should be. So, I had some idea about the defense, but it gets way more technical than that."

JH: And because you know what you're doing schematics-wise, you can just go out there and play without worrying than you're doing something wrong. Is that right?

DN: "Your ability always plays a part in what you're out there doing on the field. So, you're right."

JH: Because of the fact that you are more of a natural safety than Eric Bassey was last year, that is going to be a big plus for this defense. Do you feel that way?

DN: "Hopefully, if I get that position we'll be a better unit."

JH: After just about every play you've got Mike Stoops or Bob Stoops running in to coach you guys or give you advice. It seems like there are a million things going on in the secondary on every play. Take us through what that is like.

DN: "It gets very technical out there. Coach Mike (Stoops) is always standing in your face, and even when you do good he's always saying you can do better."

JH: What is your evaluation of the talent in the secondary?

DN: "We have a lot of talent on our defense. We can go two or three deep and still be a good unit. Everybody's good."

JH: You seem to be at your best when you can hit. How ready are for you to put the full pads on?

DN: "I can't wait. We'll be in pads tomorrow (Sunday) morning. There should be some fireworks out there."

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