SoonerSquad17 'wish list' - Creed Humphrey

SoonerSquad17 'wish list' continues with OU's latest in-state offer, center Creed Humphrey.

With spring evaluation coming around, you start to get a better feel of who are some of the most legitimate targets out there.

For Oklahoma, the process is a little bit different with the Sooners and SoonerSquad17 having 12 commitments, but still, there are names to watch.

The next three weeks Sooners Illustrated is going to look at one major target a day and where OU seems to stand at this point in time.

This is not based on who is the most realistic target but in alphabetical order.

Shawnee (Okla.) High C Creed Humphrey (6-5, 295, No. 6 C)

Sooners Illustrated says: Humphrey hasn’t been given a Scout analysis just yet, but Sooners Illustrated has seen Humphrey perform a number of times. He has grown two inches from the end of his sophomore season until now, which has absolutely opened up doors for him. He has slimmed down to under 300 pounds and looks to be in the best shape he’s ever been in. He’s a mauler, one of those Oklahoma high school prospects known for their strength even if not everybody knows who they are. Humphrey has made strides from being a quality prospect to a can’t-miss one in the last 12 months.

The breakdown: Well, who knows now? Texas, OU, Alabama, have all offered. He went from having nice Power 5 conference offers to having some of the biggest and best around. Humphrey has a lot to think about now with options galore. No matter what, though, you know OU is going to be around in this battle until the end.

Why OU: The Sooners took a while, but offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh has always kept a good relationship with Humphrey. Coming off a great Opening regional outing in New Orleans, it became clear Humphrey was one to watch. Bedenbaugh said he’s the guy. He’s target. Being a little late hurts, but being all-in now? Not too shabby.

Sooners chances: High. You have to like OU right now for Humphrey. Ole Miss seemed like the school to beat for a while and Texas A&M is in the picture. But when Bedenbaugh goes all-in, he’s tough to dethrone. Add in the fact Humphrey knows the school and coaches well, it’s about OU making sure they close this one in style. The earlier a decision made by Humphrey, the better it will be for OU. If this decision goes into his senior season, then things could get interesting.



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