SoonerSquad17 'wish list' - Jacob Phillips

Week 3 of the SoonerSquad17 'wish list' kicks off with linebacker prospect Jacob Phillips.

With spring evaluation coming around, you start to get a better feel of who are some of the most legitimate targets out there.

For Oklahoma, the process is a little bit different with the Sooners and SoonerSquad17 having 12 commitments, but still, there are names to watch.

The next three weeks (and this is the final one) Sooners Illustrated is going to look at one major target a day and where OU seems to stand at this point in time.

This is not based on who is the most realistic target but in alphabetical order.

Hendersonville (Tenn.) Beech ILB Jacob Phillips (6-3, 223, No. 27 ILB)

Scout says: Has the size you look for in a big linebacker that can control the middle. An ideal inside linebacker who plays inside the box. More of a downhill player who plays with good speed going north-south. When he makes a tackle, he can knock the opponent back. Solid against the run. Plays until the whistle blows. Can improve lateral quickness and sideline to sideline speed.

The breakdown: Phillips seems a little underrated when you consider the cream of the crop schools that have already offered him. He grew up in SEC country, he has SEC schools looking to land him so this won’t be easy by any stretch. What’s clear is that Phillips’ trip to OU feels like a major game-changer that will keep the Sooners in the hunt until the very end.

Why OU: Phillips has been pretty consistent in saying OU is going to make his top five and that he will return to Norman for an official visit. Phillips is seeing eye-to-eye with the OU coaches but what might be intriguing to watch as whether or not the Sooners simply won’t have any room for Phillips. OU is looking to hit a grand slam at linebacker for this class. Is Phillips included in that equation?

Sooners chances: Medium. Both ways it’s medium. Not sure OU is among the top three schools for Phillips. And then not exactly sure Phillips is in the top three for the Sooners. But both sides would be foolish to close the door this early. This situation should take care of itself in the upcoming months as both sides get a much better feel of where they stand.


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