Jenks linebacker still leaning to OU?

James Hale goes one-on-one with Jenks linebacker Lawrence Pinson about the recent tragedy in the United States and the latest in his recruitment

LAWRENCE PINSON, LB, 6'2, 236, 4.6, JENKS, OK:

JH: What have been your thoughts on the attack on the United States? The tragedy has effected you as well as your big game with Tulsa Union.

LP: For the most part everybody has been sad this week. The game was something that we were looking forward to. It would have raised our spirits. Our team was down about what happened in New York and Washington D.C. I, personally, have never played in the Union game because I just moved in. I heard about the atmosphere and the big crowds. We were hoping that we could move the game to another date. Now, we won't get to play them unless we get to the state championship. Some of the guys took it pretty bad, but they also realized that even in the NFL and college football, they aren't playing. We understand why we aren't playing and respect that very much. It's such a terrible tragedy what happened in New York City and Washington D.C. with so many people losing their lives.

JH: You are a young man — 17-years old — did you ever dream that the United States would be going to war during you lifetime?
LP: I have never thought about it. I never thought something like this would ever happen. I have never thought about the USA going to war in my lifetime, but I have read about our country being at war in history classes. I have studied World War II and the Vietnam War."

JH: Are you still a soft commitment to OU?

LP: I guess you can say that I am still a soft commitment to OU. I am still leaning to OU. I am still planning on taking other visits. I still haven't set up any official visits at this time, but I am still talking with coaches from Tennessee, Nebraska, Missouri and Texas A&M."

JH: What school gives you the best chance of playing next year?

LP: OU gives me the best chance to play early. Right now I am still finding out information about all the schools."

JH: How have you played so far this year?

LP: This year my season has been kind of shaky through the first two games, considering that I am playing in a new program. I have never played running back before and that has been different for me. I like it, but I am still learning. I am such a big target and I am getting better each week. At linebacker, things are going well. I separated my shoulder before the first game and that hurt me a little bit. I am better now. The first game I didn't play much and I had a touchdown and didn't play much on defense. Against Fort Smith I had nine tackles, around three or four tackles for losses and that came in about three quarters, because we were winning so easily.

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