Jenks two-way star not thinking about football

James Hale goes one-on-one with Jenks cornerback Jason Carter about the latest in recruiting and the recent tragedy in the United State


JH: What are your feelings of the big game against Tulsa Union being canceled due to the attack on the United States?

JC: All this week we had been planning on playing this big game, but when the attack occurred we realized there was something more important than football. We really wanted to play the Tulsa Union game, but all week we weren't totally thinking about football, because we were thinking about what happened. I don't know if we were really ready to play football. I, personally, have been thinking about the tragedy a lot. I have been sending letters to the fireman in New York City. It has been really hard for me to concentrate, so maybe in the long run it's better we didn't play the game.

There is so much on my mind and on the minds of my teammates. This will just give us more motivation to get to the state playoffs or state finals so that we can play Union."

JH: What were thoughts when you heard the news of the attack?

JC: I was shocked. Tuesday night all I did was watch TV. I didn't even do my homework. I kept thinking what if I had been on one of those planes. I can't imagine what was going through those people's minds that were on those plans. I haven't flown very much and I am still not worried about flying. I know we are going to improve our security and they were going to catch anybody else who tries something like this again."

JH: Jenks is 2-0 on the season, how have you played?

JC: In our first game I played pretty well, but in the second game I suffered a high ankle sprain. So, recently all I have been doing is working on my ankle trying to get it ready. I would have played against Union. Against Bixby, I returned one interception for a touchdown and made eight tackles. I also had two catches for 38 yards and eight rushes for 16 yards. I think I am going to go both ways the rest of the year. I am playing mostly safety on defense and on offense I play mostly at wide receiver and some at running back."

JH: How is recruiting going at this point?

"I think recruiting is going great. All the coaches are calling me telling me about their schools. I heard a lot from Mike Stoops, while I have also talked with Frank Solich (Nebraska), Bob Davey (Notre Dame), Coach Thurman (Alabama) and Coach (Steve) Caldwell from Tennessee and Darrell Wyatt from OSU. I don't really have a leader at this point and all the schools seem to be very close. I think my recruiting is going to come right down to the wire. I really think it is going to come down to the end of January and early February."

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