Four things to know about Oklahoma Sooners forward Kameron McGusty from his prep school coach

A potential point guard or Isaiah Cousins, Part 2? The laid-back wing got picked on a bit at Sunrise Christian.

The 2016 class is complete with five players, ranging from the No. 35 player in Kameron McGusty to an under-the-radar late addition in point guard Jordan Shepherd. Add in Matt FreemanKristian Doolittle and Darrion Strong and it’s the highest-rated class for Oklahoma Sooners under current coach Lon Kruger.

Sooners Illustrated wanted to learn more about the quintet – who they are, what they like and what fans can expect from all of them.

Who better to turn to than the coaches who have been around them for years?

Here are four things that McGusty’s high school coach at Sunrise Christian Academy, Luke Barnwell, pointed out about the incoming freshman:

Kameron was willing to sacrifice for the team . . . He played the majority of the second semester as a point guard for us. It was out of position because he’s such a gifted scorer. He scores at many different levels. He scores at the rim. His pull-up game is better than most. He’s got a good change of pace. He can shoot it at a high level. He ended up being our lead guard, and that took a little bit away from his aggression scoring-wise, just because he sacrificed. It was better for what our team needed. Props to him for that because some kids wouldn’t want to do that. I think it hurt his production scoring a little bit because of that, but his impact on our group offensively was tremendous because he can actually get by, create some stuff. Even in the long run, it’s probably going to help him have the ball in his hands more and having guys really pressure him I saw a lot of growth in that.

Laid back until the lights come on . . . Kam is really laid back. You’d watch him sometimes in warm-ups and he’d kind of be cruising. It would drive me nuts a little bit. Then the game would start, and bam, he’s ready to go. . . . You just kind of see him going through the motions, then when the ball is in the air and it’s live, he’s ready to go.

McGusty was the butt of the jokes . . . The one thing that I know about Kam and why I loved him being here is because I knew he was a good-hearted kid. . . .If he had to get something done he was going to get something done. Because he’s so laid back and easy-going, he kind of turned into a kid that got messed with the most. They’d take his phone and hide it for an hour or move some stuff that was his and he didn’t know where it was. Because he’s so laid back, that’s kind of the role he filled. The guys would mess with him.

 McGusty can be Isaiah Cousins, Part 2 – maybe better . . . He’s got to work. He’s very, very gifted as far as just making plays and being a player. Sometimes, it’s God-given. He’s got develop some things. He’s got to get better at perimeter shooting, catch and shoot. I see him being a pretty big contributor in the Big 12. I think Isaiah is somebody that he could be similar to. He’s somebody I could compare him to. . . . . Kam is more of a change-of-pace. He’ll get his shoulders by you. He naturally has the euro step and the weird awkward finishes that he doesn’t even practice. He just knows how to do. Isaiah kind of has that same shake and shiftiness to him.

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