Sooners Illustrated breaks down the Oklahoma roster, one player at a time

The developing Miller has a chance to make a big statement in his second season at OU

During the next two months leading up to the Big 12 Media Days in Dallas, Sooners Illustrated will breakdown the Oklahoma Sooners roster, starting with Jarvis Baxter (No. 1 on the roster) and working all the way down to Marquise Overton (No. 98) and the incoming freshmen.

We’ll look at last year’s performance, the best-case scenario for this season – without projecting injuries – and what each player means to the short-term or long-term success of the Sooners.

No. 13 – WR AD Miller (6-foot-3, 189 pounds)

2 receptions, 16 yards


What happened last year: The first season on campus wasn’t an overly productive one. In fact, Miller wasn’t even the most effective first-year receiver. But during the off-season, Miller began to climb up the depth chart. He might have even played his was into a starting position – or Dede Westbrook’s heir apparent at the very least as the top receiver.

Level of importance for Sooners (1-10): 5. Miller’s true importance is in what he will become next year. He should no doubt play a role this season as a key target for quarterback Baker Mayfield. Double-digit catches are a must as far as growth is concerned and 200 yards isn’t out of the question. Miller will need to play a part in Oklahoma’s offense this season, if just to make sure he’s ready to play a massive part next season.

Best-case scenario for this season: Oklahoma might force Miller into the starting lineup, if there’s no keeping him out of it. He has the ability to do just that and the size and speed combination to be a No. 1 target in the future. Learning how to do that is the key to this season. If a best-case development scenario has him start, so be it. If it’s still better to it as a back-up, that’ll be the case. 15 catches, 200 yards and maybe two touchdowns isn’t too far out of reach either.

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