Scrimmage: Stoops sees room for improvement on D went one-on-one with Co-defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops following Tuesday's scrimmage

On his overall thoughts on the defenses performance
"I thought we played well. We played fast, probably too fast at times. Again the boots and play-action passes got us and we have to work hard on that. It is an area that hurt as at times last year because we are an aggressive style of defense. We ran well to the ball, but we have to play play-action and boots better."

On the secondary
"I thought our defense played pretty well. They had just the one series where we started overreacting and started flowing to fast to the football. That is a problem for us in that we have so much speed on the field and they need to react better. However, I thought the structure of our defense was pretty sound all day and I felt we pressured the quarterback better with our four man rushes. That has been a big emphasis during this camp — to get more pressure out of our front four guys, and they looked like they did that today."

On the front four's ability to get pressure
"That is the whole key that we have to trust our guys up front, and the pressure that we are getting. We need to be disciplined in our responsibilities, and when you try to make plays that you are not supposed to you get into trouble. That is what happened on that one scoring drive, we overreacted to some things and you can't do that."

On Mark Bradley and Donte Nicholson
"I think you are starting to see the depth we have in the secondary. Antonio Perkins didn't play at all and Bradley played well at corner. Eric Bassey played quite a bit with the one's and we played with pretty much are second corners for most of the scrimmage and we didn't drop off much. I thought they played well and have played well during camp.I thought Jowahn Poteat played well and I thought Darien Williams played well. We went three deep at corner with our young guys and they responded well."

On the defensive tackles
"Obviously, we have been really happy with all three of them. It is good to have some young guys with size and quickness to go along with it. That is not something that we have had here in the past — people who are not only big, but who can also move. They have all played well in camp so far."

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