Scrimmage: Long says offense had its moments

Offensive Coordinator Chuck Long breaks down OU's offense and Jason White's performance during Tuesday's scrimmage

On how the offense performed during the first scrimmage
"It was really typical for a first scrimmage. You have some bright moments and you have some moments that aren't so bright moments, and you have to work on that.It is really not unlike any other first scrimmage since I have been here, and I have been here four years.

On the offense being behind the defense at this stage of practice
"Anytime you can get live work in front of live people that helps. It really helps us to get three scrimmages before that first game, especially offensively. The offense tends to be a little slower catching up, but when we get those three scrimmages it really helps us polish our game. That is especially true for the quarterback, and anytime you can get your quarterback on the field and sideline in front of people and referees it really helps us mentally.

On Jason White's return to the field
"I thought he had some good moments and some moments that we have to work on. He showed good movement, which he does. I liked how he commanded the huddle and his presence in there. I thought he showed great leadership tonight and it was just great to get him back on the field in front of some people in a live situation. You could tell he started to relax a little bit more as the scrimmage went along. I thought he moved well. Jason has had a really good camp thus far."

On Paul Thompson
"Very good night tonight. I thought Paul really played well and moved the ball well."

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