Two Minute Drill: Thompson gaining confidence

Sophomore quarterback Paul Thompson talks about his performance in Tuesday nights scrimmage in our latest segment of the two minute drill.

JH: Do you think you're finally in the groove?

PT: "Yeah...most definitely.I am a lot more comfortable with my reads and it is helping me make my decisions a lot quicker."

JH: How tough is it to move ball against your defense?

PT: "The defense always has speed and it is a great challenge to go out there and get yards and score touchdowns against our defense."

JH: Your last two practices have been your best. Why?

PT: "It just takes a while for everything to sink in. I am feeling real comfortable in the offense right now and I think that is the main thing."

JH: Does it help to get into a scrimmage where you can run?

PT: "Definitely. I feel comfortable running and if I see if the receivers are covered or the offensive line breaks down, then I feel real comfortable running the ball.I feel running the football one of my main strengths."

JH: You and Marcus Johnson seemed to have a good connection tonight.

PT: "He is a young freshman who has come in and he made some good catches tonight. I was able to hit him and I was able to take advantage of his ability."

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